Mallory Jansen (“The Big Leap,” “Her Pen Pal”) and Dylan Bruce (“The Christmas Project,” “Magnum P.I.”) star in “Francesca Quinn, P.I.,” a new, original premiering Sunday, September 25 (9 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Francesca “Frankie” Quinn (Jansen) is a private investigator in St. Benedict, Minnesota who finds herself in the middle of a personal case when her fiancé Carl Wiseman (Derek Kun, “Heartland Homicide”) is murdered. Detective Wyn Rousseau (Bruce) is assigned to the case…and also happens to be Frankie’s ex. The two share a powerful intellect and were once very much in love, but things ended badly. Following their split, Frankie left her forensics job with the police department and became a private investigator. She stands back and lets Wyn do his job but, after a week of no progress, Carl’s sister hires her to solve the case. As the one-time couple teams up to unravel a serpentine plot and unmask a sinister killer, the investigation strikes at their hearts.

Francesca Quinn, P.I.” is from Mystery Island Pictures, Inc. Stan Spry, Eric Woods, Devan
Towers and Kendra Towers are executive producers. The movie is produced by Anthony
Fankhauser. Anthony Metchie directed from a script by John Christian Plummer.

When private investigator Francesca “Frankie” Quinn’s fiancé is murdered, his sister hires her to find the killer. She must work with the detective on the case, who also happens to be her ex. Photo: Mallory Jansen, Dylan Bruce Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Steve Ackerman

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