Kayla Ewell and Tanner Novlan (Finn, The Bold and the Beautiful) have finally taken home their son from the hospital. Tanner and Kayla got engaged in May 2015 and got married on September 12, 2015. In June 2019, they welcomed their first child, a daughter, Poppy Marie and in June 2022 they welcomed their second a child, a son, Jones Douglas Novlan who was born prematurely. He was born seven weeks early.

Jones had to be in the hospital for a while and his mom wrote, “I’ve taken some time to be with my husband, our daughter and our new son and we are on our way to continued recovery. Thank you for all the love & support, your words have kept me going & continue to help us through this. Even in this, one of the most stressful of medical situations, I knew we would be treated quickly and had options. Knowing that I have choices for my reproductive healthcare is a privilege that every person deserves and in many cases needs. I’m so grateful for every single Doctor & Nicu Nurse who is helping Jones strengthen & grow, so when the time comes, we can finally bring him home. We’re so excited to welcome him and we can’t do this without the support of all our family, friends & loved ones. Thank you for all the continued encouragement.

Kayla shared some lovely news today, “Finally home where he belongs. To all the nurses & doctors at Cedars Sinai Nicu, we can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help us get here. We’re so grateful & so excited to have him home.

Ewell played Caitlin Ramirez on The Bold and the Beautiful. We are so happy for them.

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