The Bachelor wasted no time in declaring who the next man looking for love will be. Shortly after his elimination from the finale of The Bachelorette, Joey Graziadei was announced as the lead of Season 28. 

As a fan-favorite of the season, Grazidei captured the hearts of millions of viewers. Unfortunately, his charm and personality weren’t enough to win over the heart of Charity Lawson who accepted the proposal of Dotun Olubeko.

On Lawson and Olubeko leaving the competition engaged, Joey Graziadei said, “For me, it was just, you have to take some time to get a little bit more closure. Watching Dotun and Charity’s connection was enough for me.”

Graziadei won’t have to wait long for his next shot at love, as Season 28 is expected to debut in the winter of this year. “I never expected this at all, didn’t know this is what my life is turning into at this moment. So yeah, crazy stuff, but I’m excited.” He said about his casting announcement.

Regarding ABC’s official statement on the matter, they had this to say about Joey Graziadei as the lead of The Bachelor season 28, “As the Bachelor, Graziadei is looking for a life partner who is outgoing, caring, and shares his love for adventure and exploring the outdoors. He loves hiking, surfing, and ending his days watching the sunset but knows he has much more love to give, and the only thing missing is someone with whom to share his life.”

The Bachelor news continues this week as The Bachelor in Paradise teaser was dropped as well. Four former stars of The Bachelorette are shown arriving on the beach, including Season 19’s Rachel Recchia, Season 15’s Hannah Brown, Season 17’s Katie Thurston, and the Bachelorette who chose Dotun over Joey, Charity Lawson.

The Bachelor in Paradise offers contestants an opportunity to get to know each other in romantic settings. Without a central lead to focus, each gender trades off rose ceremonies every week and new contestants enter regularly. 

The teaser also hinted at awkward reunions and even a possible wedding In Paradise this year. Who is a contestant? Who is just passing by? Which contestants will find their soul mates, and who will be sent away looking for love in all the wrong places?

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