Jane Elliot will make a comeback on General Hospital as Tracy Quartermaine. The popular actress is returning to the show to commemorate the milestone 60th anniversary of the program. There are rumors that Elliot will stay on the show for quite a while. On April 1, 2023, GH celebrates 60 years of broadcasting. We can confirm that Tracy will return starting on April 17.

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  1. Hannah Montana Avatar
    Hannah Montana

    Glad he wasn’t Nick and Sally overstayed their welcome nobody don’t like this couple she going back to Adam sooner or later and I for once can’t wait until that’s happens I hope and pray that Sally get close to Adam while Nick being distracted we all know she going and running back to Adam we just don’t know when that will happen but she going back to Adam the love of her life mark my words

  2. I will be happy if Sally kissing Adam behide his back I hope this happen then hiding from him if she sleeps with Adam hey that’s even better she going back to Adam it’s only a matter of time before that happen

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