Could Ted King be returning to General Hospital? The actor debuted as Luis Alcazar on General Hospital in 2002 until his character was killed off. However, he later returned to General Hospital as Luis’ identical younger brother, Lorenzo Alcazar.

So, why do fans believe he is returning? Recently, it was rumored that King had a scheduled meeting with Frank Valentini (the show’s Executive Producer). And eagle-eyed fans would have noticed that the actor changed his Instagram profile picture to one of his time as Alcazar on the ABC daytime drama. This is the same picture the actor posted on April 1 to mark the show’s 60th anniversary. He captioned it, “Nearly 5 years of your 60 General Hospital you provided me with phenomenal acting challenges. Congratulations to everyone involved, today, and yesterday.” Since the buzz about the change of his profile picture, King has changed it. He currently recurs on The Bold and the Beautiful as Jack Finnegagn, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible that he is returning to GH. With the Pikeman story heating up and a character with a vendetta against Sonny, it could be possible.

Luis Alcazar came to Port Charles to seek revenge for his brother’s death and remained always at war with Sonny Corinthos. H was the ex-husband of Carly Corinthos. Lorenzo, on the other hand, holds Brenda Barrett captive for four years, leading everyone to believe she is dead. He was responsible for the death of Kristina Cassadine in an attempt to kill Sonny Corinthos. Killed in self-defense by Alexis Davis after being pushed off his balcony in 2002. Stay tuned for updates.

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