On Saturday a group of General Hospital fans were discussing the return of Holly Sutton, played by Emma Samms, on Twitter and Tristan Rogers, who plays Robert Scorpio, popped into their thread which he was tagged in.

The fans were linking Holly’s return to the recent uptick in ratings for GH and talking about their love for the Robert and Holly pairing and who they wanted to see Holly in scenes with. Tristan Rogers replied to one comment, saying, “FYI. Emma has gone. And to my knowledge, there are no plans for a return.” Emma Samms responded to Rogers humorously, with a GIF of Holly from the 80’s sadly saying, “Oh.” Samms has been very public about her struggles with long Covid and how hard this most recent return was for her to accomplish. She had previously announced that she has returned to her home in England.

The fans were disappointed but enjoyed the exchange between the actors nonetheless. Hopefully, this return is not the last we ever see of Holly Sutton, but it seems, for the foreseeable future, she is gone.

Photo: Soap Hub

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