Hallmark star, Danica McKellar is mourning the loss of her grandmother, Elsie who died on November 5, 2022, at the age 101. On Instagram, McKellar wrote, “Last year, we were privileged to celebrate our beautiful Grandma Elsie’s 100th birthday. Last month she turned 101 (!). And today, she joined the angels in heaven and her beloved Clarence.” She continued in reflection, “Her favorite singer was Dean Martin, so for her 101st birthday two weeks ago, she was serenaded by a Dean Martin impersonator.

McKellar reflected on the positive and impactful person her grandmother was. “Grandma Elsie had such a strong faith and would always smile and say, “I don’t know why the Good Lord is keeping me here. I’m ready to walk with Jesus.” Well, I think He was keeping you here to fill our hearts with your love and faith. Today, the heavens are rejoicing… and so am I. Bask in His presence, sweet angel! We will try to make you proud.

We send our love and thoughts to McKellar and her family during this difficult time. Be sure to send her your love on social media.

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