This week on General Hospital, Elizabeth is ready to take responsibility for her actions. Plus, Nikolas confronts Ava and Trina predicts rough waters ahead. Here’s a preview of what happens in Port Charles the week of February 6th, 2023, on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Spoilers:

Promo Recap: Is It Over For Nikolas?

Elizabeth tells Finn she has to turn herself in. Spencer tells Laura he is not going to let Nikolas destroy anyone else. Trina tells TJ that there is going to be a major blowup. Austin confronts Mason. A bloody hand is shown. Nikolas doesn’t let Ava close the door on him and tells her that he is not going anywhere.

GH Sneak Video: Laura Confronts Spencer

Laura tries to get through to Spencer before he does something that will damage his relationship with his father forever. Can she get through to him and will he tell her what’s really going on?

Ava/Nikolas Showdown!

After finding out Ava gave the video of his fake confession to Spencer, Nikolas storms over to Wyndemere to confront his ex-wife. Their confrontation is “volcanic”, according to Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten. Nikolas gives Ava the unvarnished truth about what he’s been up to and causes her to question her decision. Van Etten promises that what happens next culminates with “a dire vow and a fateful act that will be felt for years to come.”

Deputy Mayor Ashby’s Dilemma

After news gets out about the presumed deaths of Anna, Valentin and Lucy, Eileen Ashby has a change of heart and wants out of her deal with Victor. Victor tells her it’s too late to back out now. She goes back to her car and hears a terrifying, albeit familiar, voice!

More General Hospital Spoilers:

2/6/2023 – Liz takes Finn’s advice into account. Chase has a change of heart. Laura pleads with Spencer. Ava is pushed too far. Austin puts Mason on notice.

2/7/23 – Brad makes a special delivery. Curtis and Portia get bad news. Spencer makes a big ask. Austin offers assistance. Jordan and Taggert have a frank talk.

2/8/23 – Scott gets a shock. Ava reassures Laura. Nina shares her dilemma with Obrecht. Finn seeks Alexis’s expertise. Sonny is on the outside looking in.

2/9/23 – Austin delivers medical news. Liesl takes matters into her own hands. Gregory considers Alexis’s offer. Ava tries to problem-solve. Liz updates Finn.

2/10/23 – It’s Curtis and Portia’s wedding day. TJ and Jordan have a heart-to-heart. Nina delivers a sentimental gift. Ava voices her concern to Austin. Laura catches up with Taggert.

Casting News:
Adam Huss as Nikolas Cassadine

Preview Week of February 13th:

Sam and Dante come up with a plan.
Spencer loses his cool.
Michael is in a bind.
Liesl confronts Carly.
Portia is conflicted.

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