This week on General Hospital, Victor pressures Obrecht to enact his master plan. Plus, Laura’s team races against the clock to save humanity and Curtis has a promise to keep. a preview of what happens in Port Charles the week of May 1st, 2023, on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Get Ready for a Showdown You Won’t Forget!

Victor tells Liesl they’re going to go and make history. Trina says Victor has guards all over the place. Curtis vows to bring them home safely as Robert talks about how dangerous the mission is. The rescue crew set off to save Victor’s hostages.

GH Sneak Video: Hiding From Victor’s Men

Laura, Curtis, Drew and Valentin are hiding from Victor’s men and about to be discovered. In order to protect the others, Valentin makes a bold move.

Is It Too Late to Stop Victor?

Victor feels triumphant now that he has found the bunker and has the pathogen in his possession. He feels that he will be successful in his plan to release it and kill off 80% of the world’s population to try and reverse the climate crisis. He has no idea that Laura, Valentin, Curtis, and Drew are also on the island to rescue his hostages. In turn, the rescue crew has no idea what Victor is actually up to and when they find out they have to make a choice about whether or not they can stop him and rescue Ave, Obrecht, Spencer and Trina. Drew is determined to get Obrecht home to save Willow, but can he do it without releasing Victor’s pathogen upon the entire world?

Carly Thinks It Was Ned

When the SEC takes Carly in for questioning over her alleged insider trading with Drew she’s shocked because she wasn’t expecting it and upset because she feels she needs to be helping Michael and Willow. She asks Sonny if he told anyone, and he tells her that he didn’t so that leaves only one person in Carly’s mind that could have turned them in and that’s Ned. He was the one who threatened it and brought the whole thing up in the first place. Nina isn’t even someone she considers since she has no idea that Nina even knows. Carly’s entire focus is on protecting Drew from the SEC so that he can find Obrecht and bring her back so that Willow can have her transplant.

Daily Previews:

Nina meets with Martin.
Victor grows suspicious.
Obrecht stands her ground.
Holly takes a drastic measure.
Anna is determined.

Valentin makes an offer.
Marshall consoles Portia.
Robert runs interference.
Josslyn and Dex are hopeful.
Willow is in for a shock.

Michael is frantic.
Felicia delivers bad news.
Tracy and Brook Lynn band together.
Nina briefs Ava.
Laura makes a bold move.

Spencer and Trina are alarmed.
Carly supports Michael.
Willow has a choice to make.
Felicia goes to bat for a loved one.
Nina tries to distract Sonny.

Elizabeth and Portia are puzzled.
Willow issues a request.
Nina makes a promise.
Victor is caught off-guard.
Laura is horrified.

Casting News:


James Ryan as Ethan Lovett.

Preview Week of May 8th:

A body is recovered.
Michael and Willow share a tender moment.
Tracy shares a theory.
Esme rushes to the hospital.
Nina weighs her options.