This week on General Hospital, Ava and Austin play catch up in the wake of Nikolas’ disappearance. Plus, Sonny offers his help and Mason makes his threats even more menacing! Here’s a preview of what happens in Port Charles the week of March 6th, 2023, on ABC’s

General Hospital:

General Hospital Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Looming Threats Get Even Closer

Ava wants Austin to be careful, so that no one suspects him. Mason tells Austin he followed him to Spoon Island. Austin tells Ava that Sonny can’t help them and could get them both killed. Sonny offers to help Ava.

GH Sneak Video: What’s Next For Spencer’s Baby Brother?

Spencer is ready to take his baby brother home when Diane arrives with some unwelcome news. Watch here!

Crises For Michael

While Michael and Willow are hoping that Liesel will pass the physical and be allowed to donate bone marrow to save Willow, Michael wonders what Liesel will want in return. He soon finds out that she wants Willow to forge a relationship with Nina. Michael is willing to agree to anything to save Willow’s life. He also has t deal with the plan he is working on to take Sonny down with Dex’s help. He and Dex put their heads together to find a way for Dex to regain Sonny’s trust so that he lets him back into the Pikeman deal.

Molly And TJ Want A Baby

Molly is nervous to take the pregnancy test because even though she has realized she wants to have a baby, she is not sure TJ does. She takes the test and finds out she is not expecting and is heartbroken. She later talks to TJ about it and much to her surprise, he wants to have a baby too.

Daily Previews:

Alexis calls out Gregory.
Diane breaks news to Spencer.
Esme’s perception changes.
Ava opens up to Sonny.
Victor threatens Elizabeth.

Ava is rudely interrupted.
Drew has news for Carly.
Alexis is concerned for Curtis.
Dex updates Michael.
Sonny asks a favor of Olivia.

Curtis is stunned.
Victor and Obrecht find common ground.
Anna and Valentin get new information.
Trina supports Spencer.
Esme makes an offer to Laura.

Sonny questions Gladys.
Nina and Curtis catch up.
Trina briefs Ava.
Maxie has a big idea.
Lucy is horrified.

Sasha doesn’t hold back.
Dex and Josslyn make time for romance.
Drew makes a pitch to Ned.
Nina confides in Ava.
Mac and Cody bond.

Casting News:

Drew Cheetwood as Milo Giambetti

Alley Mills as Heather Webber

Preview Week of March 13th:
Sonny finds himself in danger.
Cody defends his decision.
Spencer, Joss and Trina are thrown.
Nina gets a reality check.
Joss confronts Dex.

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