This week on General Hospital, the town says goodbye to a beloved resident, Victor sidesteps Anna and Valentin’s trap. Plus, Marshall leans on his family and Lucy worries for her safety. Here’s a preview of what happens in Port Charles the week of March 27th, 2023, on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Spoilers!

Promo Recap: You Don’t Want To Miss A Single Minute!

Valentin thinks the false code will convince Victor that the necklace is real. Eileen wants to leave but Victor doesn’t let her. Luc says this is bad and Anna thinks that Victor’s on to them. Brook Lynn says, “you don’t want to miss a single minute.” Marshall stares mournfully out the window. Sonny and Laura look dismayed on the docks.  

GH Sneak Video: Laura Needs Answers From Elizabeth

Elizabeth is putting the finishing touches on Cameron’s party and talks to Laura about how much she’s going to miss him. Laura understands, but she tells Elizabeth that they have to talk about Nikolas.

Epiphany Is Honored By Port Charles

After Epiphany’s portrayer, Sonya Eddy passed away on December 19th of last year, the powers that be at General Hospital immediately knew that recasting was not an option and set about to plan the perfect way for the show to honor both the actor and the character she played. The fruits of those efforts will be seen this week when GH airs a special Epiphany tribute episode where the town comes together to mourn her at a memorial service. Yvette Nicole Brown (Act Your Age, Community) will be guest starring and a few old familiar faces will show up to mourn Epiphany as well.

Will Victor Fall For Eileen’s Trick?

Victor feels triumphant when he finally gets his hands on what he believes to be the real Ice Princess necklace. He is expecting the code engraved on them to give him the coordinates that he’s seeking but what is returned by the encryption key is nonsensical. He isn’t sure if the code is wrong or the encryption key is but he thinks Eileen may have the answer. How far is Victor willing to go to get what he wants?

Daily Breakdowns:

Trina attempts to run interference.
Laura and Liz have a heart-to-heart.
Dex checks in with Josslyn.
Spencer is incredulous.
Marshall voices his appreciation.

Lucy is outraged.
Cameron advises Spencer.
Elizabeth gets a shock.
Scott opens up to Laura.
Diane assists Robert.

Port Charles bids an emotional goodbye to Epiphany.

Spencer meets with Victor.
Selina offers up information.
Dex makes a gruesome discovery.
Drew updates Anna and Valentin.
Ava comes face-to-face with an enemy.

Lucy is frantic.
Spencer has misgivings.
Ava meets with Austin.
Nina and Carly set their differences aside.
Maxie and Felicia handle a setback.

Casting News:


Yvette Nicole Brown as Visitor.
Drew Cheetwood as Milo Giambetti
Marc Anthony Samuel as Felix Dubois.

Preview of the Week of April 3rd:

The Nurses’ Ball kicks off.
Valentin makes a romantic gesture.
Victor makes a demand.
An arrest is made.
Carly and Drew are the bearers of bad news.

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