This week on General Hospital, Someone gets caught, someone comes clean, and someone escapes! Here’s a preview of what happens in Port Charles the week of March 20th,2023, on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Dex, We Need To Talk…

Josslyn wants to know if Dex has changed his mind about taking Sonny down. He wonders if he owes Sonny because he saved his life but also knows that he can’t warn him without exposing himself. Michael knocks on the door while Dex and Joss are naked on the couch! Everyone Sonny cares about is concerned and in danger and now Ms. Wu wants a meeting too!

GH Sneak Video: Where Is Lucy?
Anna asks Valentin where Lucy is and they both realize that she’s bolted from the safehouse where they’ve been hiding. Watch here!

Trouble For Sonny And Nina
After the attempt on his life Sonny decides that’s it would be best if he kept his distance from the people he cares about for their safety. When he tells Nina she isn’t thrilled but understands. It also gives her the chance to really think about if she can actually handle a relationship with a man who does what Sonny does, especially knowing it could bring danger close to the people she loves.

Lucy Escapes
Lucy cannot handle the thought of the Nurse’s Ball being planned without her, especially with Bobbie Spencer being part of that planning! She pushes aside the danger and escapes the safehouse. She shows up at the Metrocourt in disguise and the first person she sees is Victor! He doesn’t see her and she tries to eavesdrop on Maxie and Bobbie as they plan but she can’t find a way to get Maxie alone so she comes up with a new idea and ambushes her in her office! Anna and Valentin discover she’s gone and go into full panic mode because it’s not just her life that Lucy’s risking, it’s all of theirs as well as their one chance to take Victor down!

Daily Breakdowns:

Valentin and Anna disagree.
Lucy makes a bold move.
Sonny makes a tough decision.
Willow issues a request.
Michael opens up to Brook Lynn.

Chase takes Willow’s advice.
Maxie agrees to help a friend.
Drew offers his expertise.
Dante voices his concern.
Michael makes a shocking discovery.

Elizabeth is on pins and needles.
Nina questions Jordan.
Trina and Curtis have an awkward run-in.
Esme weighs her options.
Brook Lynn comes clean.

Maxie makes Cody an offer.
Sasha surprises Gladys.
Alexis is shaken.
Marshall encourages Portia.
Spencer reassures Trina.

Esme is skeptical.
Sonny doesn’t mince words.
Spencer mulls over his strategy.
Laura receives an unwelcome visitor.
Cameron runs into Josslyn.

Casting News:

Jane Elliot as Tracy Quartermaine. (April 17th)
Emma Samms as Holly Sutton. (April 14th)
Chandra Wilson as Sydney ValJean. (March 29th)

Preview Week of March 27th:
Trina attempts to run interference.
Scott opens up to Laura.
Port Charles bids an emotional goodbye to Epiphany
Ava comes face-to-face with an enemy.
Nina and Carly set their differences aside.

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  1. Can we have our couples back young and the restless Adam and Sally JG is holding them hostage keeping them apart the more he keeps them apart the more we want them Adam and Sally belong together with their son or daughter they have a baby on the way so he better be there too if they let Adam missing out on some baby action I’m going to be so darn pissed off why make Adam the father of Sally baby if they not going to allow him ti he there for his child this is not right he miss out of both Connor and Christian smh enough is enough better include Adam is some these baby stuff I swear

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