This week on General Hospital, Sonny’s enemies are done hiding in the shadows. Plus, Dex springs into action and Kristina questions her father. Here’s a preview of what happens in Port Charles the week of March 13th,2023, on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Is Sonny In Trouble?

Dex pushes Sonny out of the line of gunfire. Brick tells Sonny he has a very powerful enemy. Kristina wants to know how bad it is, but Sonny has no idea. Carly is concerned. Sonny vows to find out what’s going on and stop it.

GH Sneak Peek: Elizabeth Tells Victor About Her Immunity Deal

Victor wants to continue his conversation with Elizabeth about the plot to keep Esme prisoner and she reveals that she’s made a deal for immunity. Watch here!

Cody Tells Dante The Truth About Mac

Cody regrets lying to Mac about the paternity results but feels trapped in the lie so when Mac finds the paper he dropped that reveals the truth, Cody covers and says it’s a lab report from when he donated plasma. When Dante comes by later and sees that something is bothering him, he gets the truth out of Cody. Dante encourages his friend to come clean to Mac so they can have a real relationship as father and son. Cody turns the tables on his friends and reminds him that they have their own secret they’re concealing. After Dante leaves Cody worries that he’ll spill the beans to Mac.

Sonny And Dex Are Ambushed

A gunman opens fire on Sonny and Dex while they are inspecting the warehouse for the Pikeman shipment. Dex sees him just in time and pushes Sonny to safety. When Dex is injured, Sonny takes care of him. Will this change Dex’s determination to help Michael take Sonny down?

Daily Breakdowns:

Josslyn and Bobbie have a heart-to-heart.
Sonny finds himself in danger.
Cody has a close call.
Carly runs interference.
Victor gets shocking information.

Laura is put on the spot.
Lucy is impatient.
Cody defends his decision.
Dex impresses Sonny.
Maxie and Brook Lynn are dubious.

Kristina opens up.
Laura tries to keep the peace.
Esme gets a surprise visit.
Elizabeth and Portia catch up.
Spencer, Joss and Trina are thrown.

Nina gets a reality check.
Chase offers comfort.
Spencer’s anger builds.
Trina explains her strategy.
Obrecht voices her regret.

Robert and Diane discuss a case.
Nina visits Phyllis.
Carly and Sonny are in familiar territory.
Joss confronts Dex.
Valentin offers sympathy.

Casting News:


Stephen A. Smith as Brick

Preview Week of March 20th:

Michael opens up to Brook Lynn.
Dante voices his concern.
Esme weighs her options.
Alexis is shaken.
Cameron runs into Josslyn.

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  1. Young and the restless related why is those writers doing us like this can they do what their fans are telling them and HW JG seriously don’t do is like this what is going on with young and the restless and I though this show GH had it bad what going on over there

  2. Why do soap opera tuning their fans out instead of tuning us in what’s up with that you want us your fans to tune in not out most people watching the best the rating gets an I guess they not trying to get rating

  3. I been watching y&r more they I should have but I can’t help it like they got my attention but I not sure if they can keep it I love the couple on y&r Adam and Sally the Ally couple with Courtney and Mark I love them why can the show get the hint and now I’m a big huge fan of theirs now big mistake they got my attention they probably got some news one too now I became a fan a huge fan of Ally 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕 that couple so belong together I have seen many couple come and go but they got it I’m obession with this couple can’t help it can’t help it I’m a Ally lover

  4. Young and the restless related we all know Adam and Sally both belong together Ally for the win let Ally win it out they deserve it they owe their fans for breaking them up they was together I though but they broke them up for no reason they owe their fans that much everybody knows Sally and Nick relationship was and it not that serious they got together after Adam dump Sally no build up like Ally whatsoever

  5. I don’t know why these soap opera or writers on each soap take thing away from their fans it’s not cool they doing what they want not what their fans want and what they want to see again we are the ones keeping these show on without us these soaps would be history all 4 on them

  6. Just don’t why young and the restless and JG wants to keep nick connect to the story with Adam and Sally but I’m not here for it and neither is their fans or why they want him to keep connect him with Sally but this story is ruin Adam and Sally again don’t like this story hate it I hope they don’t keep Nick connect to Sally that would ruin any chance of Adam and Sally and their fans not going to like that one bit when they have all my back they want all not half Ally deserve it all baby consider what they did to them yes baby Ally deserve it all on young and the restless but they belong together

  7. Y&r related Get Sally back with her man Adam Adam is her man and if they cannot understand that they never will Adam is her man not Nick boy

  8. I hate this story I finally found a storyline on one of these soap it turns me down Get Sally back to where she belong Adam Newman is her man always has been she don’t look this happen with Nick love me some Ally all the way to the bank and cash in that check Adam and Sally lovebirds 💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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