This week on General Hospital, Curtis and Portia’s wedding day has arrived. Plus, Jordan pushes for transparency and love is in the air. Here’s a preview of what happens in Port Charles the week of February 13th,2023, on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Spoilers!

Promo Recap: For Better Or For Worse

The mood at the wedding is festive and Curtis is certain that he and Portia have a bright future ahead of them. Meanwhile, Jordan pushes Portia to tell him the truth about Trina’s paternity, asking her if she can really marry him with this secret hanging over them.

GH Sneak Video: Liesel Corners Carly

Carly gets into an elevator, followed by Liesel, who sees an opportunity for them to be alone at last. Watch here!

Portia and Curtis Wedding Drama!

Portia is determined to marry Curtis but when Jordan shows up to confront her about the secret surrounding Trina’s paternity, she begins to panic. She is further alarmed when Jordan tells her that Stella knows what is going on and that Portia should tell Curtis before someone else does. Portia has a decision to make as she walks down the aisle. Will she choose to be honest or stay quiet and hope everyone else does too?

Obrecht Blasts Carly

Carly is cornered in an elevator by Liesel who unleashes her rage on Carly for keeping Willow’s maternity a secret. Carly takes what is thrown at her and when Liesel pleads with her to help Nina and Willow bond, Carly’s response fills her with hope.

More General Hospital Spoilers:

2/13/2023 – Sam and Dante come up with a plan. Spencer loses his cool. Michael is in a bind. Liesl confronts Carly. Portia is conflicted.

2/14/23 – Stella gets an unexpected visit. Portia makes her decision. Trina has a hunch. Ryan sees through Heather. Dante and Sam follow a lead.

2/15/23 – Ryan makes a bold move. Laura overhears distressing news. Sam and Dante get a break in their case. Trina’s suspicions deepen. Ava briefs Nina.

2/16/23 – Nina and Joss have words. Austin and Ava are interrupted. Finn tries to distract Liz. Mac reassures Felicia. Sonny is called away on mob business.

2/17/23 – Spencer is alarmed. Victor issues urgent orders. Anna and Valentin grow concerned. Laura is gobsmacked. Mac gets a chilling reception.

Casting News:

Gavin Houston as Zeke Robinson
Ricco Ross as Sterling Robinson

Adam Huss as Nikolas Cassadine

Preview Week of February 13th:

Portia has some explaining to do.
Spencer comforts Trina.
Mac and Jordan race to stop a crime.
Alexis confirms her theory.
Laura and Kevin have much to discuss.

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