This week on General Hospital, Maxie and Bobbie celebrate General Hospital’s 60th Anniversary with the return of the Nurses Ball. Plus, Victor runs amok. Here’s a preview of what happens in Port Charles the week of April 3rd, 2023, on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Anything Can Happen At The Nurses Ball!

The Nurses Ball performances are in full swing and Anna and Valentin dance at the safe house. A mysterious figure gets on the elevator. Dante and Laura are concerned by something they see on the monitor. Victor happily watches his monitor and declares that it’s showtime. The Nurses Ball attendees are aghast at what’s happening.

GH Sneak Video: The 2023 Nurses Ball Red Carpet Begins

Sydney Val Jean (‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Chandra Wilson) gets the red carpet show for the 2023 Nurses Ball started and anything can happen!

Nurses Ball Preview

One of the biggest fans of the GH Nurses Ball is Executive Producer, Frank Valentini. He brought it back as a staple when he took over in 2013 and felt it was an important part of the celebration of GH’s 60th anniversary. Grey’s Anatomy’s Chandra Wilson is back to do the honors on the red carpet and singer Danielle Ponder will be performing as well. There’ll be tons of new acts as well as nods to the past and of course, Lucy-centric hijinks to boot. Valentini promises a Nurses Ball we’ll never forget so don’t miss it!

Victor Finds Anna and Valentin

Victor pinpoints the location of the safe house Anna and Valentin are staying at and is determined to show no mercy, not even to his son. He wanted Valentin to help him carry on the family legacy but has moved past that and is ready to give the job to Spencer and Ace instead. When Victor comes face to face with Anna and Valentin he is determined to make them pay!

Daily Breakdowns:

The Nurses Ball kicks off.
Jordan has an awkward moment on the red carpet.
Victor makes an ominous prediction.
Sonny hopes to steal time with Nina.
Brook Lynn nurses her regret.
Michael and Willow enjoy some distraction.

The Nurses Ball performances get underway.
Valentin makes a romantic gesture.
Anna is alarmed.
Trina and Spencer have an important conversation.
Brook Lynn is irate.

A special music guest brings the house down.
Valentin is defiant.
Gladys makes a sneaky move,
Victor makes a demand.
Spencer receives a warning.

Laura is suspicious.
Spencer is in for a shock.
An arrest is made.
Jordan gets terrible news.
Sonny and Sam offer assistance.
Lucy is frantic.

Carly and Drew are the bearers of bad news.
Portia expresses her concern.
Joss offers reassurance.
Dante is called to the scene of a crime.
Michael updates Willow.

Casting News:


Danielle Ponder as Herself


Heather Mazur as Eileen Ashby

Preview for the Week of April 10th:

Diane takes on a new client.
Felicia and Laura put their heads together.
Victor lays out his plan.
Sam seeks out Alexis.
Robert berates Sonny.

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  1. Adam and Sally should be together with their baby see this what they should have did for Adam and Sally instead of breaking this beautiful couple up ally has it all their love story was so beautiful 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥I was all about GH back like I said I didn’t know who Adam and Sally was until recently I became a big fan of theirs young and the restless got my attention so the question how long are they going to keep it they know Adam and Sally are it they the one they understand each other like other can’t they have it all baby

  2. Not sure if HW JG from young and the restless knows what he’s doing but I hope so I sure hope he don’t mess up Adam and Sally relationship that they cannot come back from their relationship is beautiful and we absolutely love this couple that we cannot get enough of them bc Ally has it all everything they got you name it they have it I saw that their love story was so beautiful they were so happy and in love they have a bond that should not be broken

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