This week on General Hospital, Holly and Tracy are back and more! Here’s a preview of what happens in Port Charles the week of April 17, 2023, on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Can Spencer and Trina Stop Victor in His Tracks?

Spencer warns Trina that if they don’t stop Victor before they reach land, it will be too late. Curtis vents his concerns to Drew. Ava goes to see Portia. Trina tells Spencer they have to do something.

GH Sneak Video: Robert Has a Problem with Sonny

Sonny and Robert cross paths at the hospital and Robert takes Sonny to task for using Diane to circumvent the law.

Sprina Plot to Bring Victor Down

Spencer’s happy that Trina’s with him but also terrified that she’ll get caught and be killed by Victor. They come up with a plan for her to sabotage the ship from the engine room to slow it down. While she’s doing that Victor asks for Spencer’s help with Ace. Spencer is soothing his brother when Victor gets word that there’s something wrong with the ship and Spencer fears that Trina will be caught!

It’s Decision Day for Chase

The CCRB hands down their decision about Chase’s future as a police officer in Port Charles. Brook Lynn and Dante both speak on his behalf and now it’s all up to the board. Chase is touched by Brook Lynn coming through for him and standing by him. Are his days as a cop over or will he get his badge back?

Daily Previews:

Holly Sutton reunites with an old friend.
Chase voices his gratitude.
Robert berates Sonny.
Carly and Josslyn offer their help.
Alexis receives a touching offer.

Chase learns his fate.
Holly is in danger.
Willow makes a momentous request.
Alexis is shaken.
Tracy Quartermaine returns.

Curtis has a light bulb moment.
Victor learns of a setback.
Nina seeks solace.
Ava gives Carly food for thought.
Elizabeth compliments Austin.

Victor has bad news for Spencer.
Curtis seeks help from Drew.
Ava and Portia connect.
Carly tries to make peace.
Ned vents to Brook Lynn.

Drew and Curtis confer with Laura.
Sonny surprises Dante.
Gladys badmouths Cody.
Molly gets unexpected news.
Sasha offers encouragement.

Casting News:


Jane Elliot as Tracy Quartermaine.
Emma Samms as Holly Sutton.


Jacqueline Grace Lopez as Blaze.

Preview Week of April 24th:

Curtis, Drew and Laura share their findings.
Robert and Diane are interrupted.
Carly hides her worry.
It’s Michael and Willow’s wedding day.
Victor has unwelcome guests.