This week on General Hospital, Dex and Josslyn have the devastating conversation they’ve been avoiding. Plus, Nina’s guilt sways her and Michael opens a dialogue with Sonny. Here’s a preview of what happens in Port Charles the week of May 15th,2023, on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Whose Secrets Will Unravel?
Dex tells Joss that he’s leaving. Nina almost slips up to Carly. Michael tells Sonny things need to change.

Trina Takes the Test
Portia is less than thrilled when Spencer comes to GH with Trina for the paternity test, but Trina is happy to have his support. She feels that what happened while they were Victor’s captives bonded them together and she’s determined to make sure nothing tears them apart, including her mother and Esme.

Dex Has Bad News for Josslyn
Joss is very upset when Dex tells her that Michael has decided to not use the evidence he gathered against Sonny. She was looking forward to a mob-free future with him and now that future is in doubt just as they reached the finish line of the plan. How far will Joss go to free her beau from Sonny’s world?

Daily Previews:

Sonny is taken by surprise; Dex’s news leaves Josslyn shaken; Gladys takes a loss. Scott pitches a new plan, and Brook Lynn reports for duty.

Nina arrives at Carly’s; Robert seeks romantic advice; Diane puts her cards on the table; Sasha faces her fear; and Cody rides to the rescue.

Robert does some digging; Dante reaches out to Mac; Portia seeks out Ava; Alexis makes an offer; and Esme ponders her options.

Jordan offers congratulations; Alexis gets an invitation; Sam is thrown; Molly is troubled; and Holly makes a big decision.

Taggert advises Portia; Michael updates Dante; Josslyn has a request for Sonny; Sasha supports Nina; and Scott meets with Cody.

Casting News:

Susan Batten as Flora Gardens.
Morgan Fairchild as Haven de Havilland.
Alley Mills as Heather Webbber.

Charles Shaughnessy as Victor Cassadine.

Preview Week of May 22nd:

Tracy dines with Chase.
Spencer picks a fight.
Portia and Jordan clear the air.
Sonny shares important news.
Anna seeks out Robert.

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