Dex (Evan Hofer) and Josslyn (Eden McCoy) will grow closer as previewed in the new Soap Opera Digest magazine. When the two track down Avery’s missing bracelet in a Dumpster sparks fly for them. McCoy told SOD, “This is the first time they’ve really had, like, pure one-on-one time, when they’re not in a group or getting interrupted by someone. They end up having a moment of real physical closeness that they didn’t previously share, and the dialogue in that scene is really personal, as well. It’s kind of, like, the first time that Dex opens up a little bit to Josslyn. He talks about his family and it’s her first experience of him being vulnerable. And I think there’s a physical attraction there, too, which is fun to play.

Of course, being that she is in a relationship with Cameron (William Lipton), Joss tries to shake it off. Sadly, she keeps it a secret from Cameron. Watch ‘GH’ weekdays on ABC!

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