In today’s episode of General Hospital, fans finally saw Avery Kristen Pohl back as Esme Prince for the first time since the incident at Windermere. About her return, Pohl told Soap Opera Digest, “Not everyone knew that I was coming back. I didn’t tell most people. The producers and directors knew, and a couple of cast members knew because they are in the same storyline, but there were several people on the crew who came up to me and were like, ‘Wait, you just got pushed over the parapet? Are you dead?!’ And I was like, ‘Uh, I don’t know.’ And then I was gone for months. And now that I’m back, I think there’s an even bigger question at work about what’s going on, and my lips are sealed on that one [laughs].”

Of course, Esme is back on a mission. She is holding a grudge against some people and she’s about to do what she does best. Pohl shared, “Before she goes right back into the thick of things, she’s scoping things out. She’s using her time wisely and waiting for the right moment to strike.” She also added, “Esme makes a comment about having a weapon powerful enough to destroy the Cassadine family and she feels she has the upper hand to get what she wants. She is playing games because that’s who she is — and at the end of the day, she will make sure she wins. And you’ll never guess what happens next ….

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