Will Nina succumb to the pressure? Find out in this week’s General Hospital Spoilers and News!

This week on General Hospital, Nina feels under pressure and siblings clash! In this edition of General Hospital spoilers and news, we preview what happens in Port Charles the week of May 22, 2023, on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Spoilers and News!

Promo Recap: How Do We Beat This?
Carly’s concerned about how she and Drew will get out of trouble, but he has a plan. Ava cautions Nina to stay quiet. Olivia wonders who it was if not Ned. Nina has something to tell Sonny.

Sonny Proposes
Sonny is so encouraged by Michael’s olive branch that he decides to take the next step with Nina and pops the question! He asks her to marry him! Nina is hesitant because of the secret she is keeping but he promises her that he doesn’t care about the things she has done, all that matters is that they love each other.

Joss Rips into Michael
Josslyn confronts her brother this week over going back on his deal with Dex and telling him that he is not going to use the evidence he gathered to take down Sonny. She feels that Michael betrayed Dex and her with his actions, but Michael tells her that he offered Dex money to leave town and start over. That doesn’t help him with his sister who doesn’t want Dex to leave. She can’t believe her brother is doing this after she gave him her full support.

Daily General Hospital Spoilers:

Nina vents her frustration.
Gladys meets with Selina.
Tracy dines with Chase.
Josslyn confronts Michael.
Gregory matches wits.

Sonny is insistent.
Ned is grateful.
Spencer picks a fight.
Josslyn updates Trina.
Chase makes a romantic gesture.
Carly encounters Olivia.

Ava offers congratulations.
Portia and Jordan clear the air.
TJ presses Molly.
Curtis and Drew catch up.
Diane warns Carly.

Kristina and Sam have a frank talk.
Nina is determined.
TJ confides in Stella.
Curtis surprises Portia.
Sonny shares important news.

Diane and Nina clash.
Anna seeks out Robert.
Drew is suspicious.
Ned pleads with Olivia.
Willow’s loved ones rally around her.

Casting News:

Holiday Mia Kriegel as Molly.
Kate Mansi as Kristina.
Vernee Watson as Stella.

Lexi Ainsworth as Kristina.
Haley Pullos as Molly.
Emma Samms as Holly.

Preview Week of May 29:

Diane has an agenda. Laura develops a theory.
Valentin surprises Laura.
Michael makes an offer to Carly.

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Joss and Michael General Hospital Spoilers and News May 22, 2023

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