Ned General Hospital Spoilers and News June 5, 2023

Has Ned found the tipster? Find out in this week’s General Hospital spoilers and news for the week of June 5, 2023!

This week on General Hospital, Carly feels the pressure to turn on Sonny and save herself. Plus, Ned finds the culprit behind the SEC investigation and Drew plans his own defense. In this edition of General Hospital spoilers and news for the week of June 5, 2023, we preview what happens in Port Charles on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Promo & Sneak Peak:

Promo Recap: Who Will Take the Fall?
Carly tells Michael to destroy the flash drive and tells him she will not sacrifice Sonny to save herself. Michael tells her to do it to save her family. Drew says, ‘Somebody has to go down’. Ned says, ‘It was you all along’. Nina looks panicked.

GH Sneak Video: Mason Wants Something from Ava
Mason meets with Ava and Austin because he wants something from her based on a family connection. She assumes he’s talking about the Jeromes and tells him to go find her sister, Olivia, but he tells her this is about the father of her daughter: Sonny Corinthos.

You can watch this week’s GH sneak video here!

General Hospital In-Depth Spoilers:

Spencer’s Sneaky Move
Trina is very excited about the evidence on Esme, but Spencer is suspicious of it and Trina picks up on his hesitation. She presses him to tell her what’s going on and he admits that he is pretty sure the evidence was made up by his uncle. Trina is disappointed but determined to do the right thing and tells Spencer they can’t use it and have to destroy it. Spencer agrees with her and promises to destroy it but secretly keeps it in case he decides to use it later.

Zeke’s Return
Zeke comes to Port Charles and goes to see his sister at the hospital. She is so happy to see him and have someone in her corner with everything that’s going on. They agree to see each other later and Zeke goes to the hotel to get settled in. He’s relaxing by the pool when a woman catches his eye. He offers to buy her a drink and they hit it off but he has no clue that the beautiful woman he is making sparks with knows his sister very well.

General Hospital Daily Spoilers:

Josslyn can’t deny her feelings; Carly has a realization; Trina is shocked; Portia gets a happy surprise; and Brook Lynn and Chase celebrate.

Willow receives encouragement; Lucy praises Maxie; Curtis advises Drew; Brook Lynn voices her misgivings; and Kevin is supportive of Laura.

Elizabeth gets good news; Sonny and Valentin meet; Drew consults with his attorney; Martin reassures Nina; and Carly makes a big decision.

Carly makes a request; Josslyn implores Dex; Dante is concerned; Anna receives support; and Tracy lobbies an accusation.

Sonny and Nina are interrupted; Finn questions Tracy’s story; Austin cautions Ava; TJ assesses a patient; and Chase is caught off-guard.

General Hospital Casting News:


Susan Diol as Nurse Clare.
Cyrus Hobbi as Yuri.
Gavin Houston as Zeke.

General Hospital Preview Week of June 12th, 2023:

Jordan supports a friend in need.
Sonny questions Gladys.
Sasha checks in on Willow.
Curtis and Trina connect.
TJ opens up to Alexis.

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