Will Nina finally come clean? Find out in General Hospital spoilers and news for the week of June 19, 2023!

This week on General Hospital, Ned’s family deals with his memory loss and Nina has a decision to make. In this edition of General Hospital spoilers and news for the week of June 19, 2023, we preview what happens in Port Charles on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Promo & Sneak Peak for the week of June 19, 2023:

Promo Recap: Under the Gun with No Way Out
Sonny is concerned about how Nina is acting. Brooke Lynn tells them that Ned doesn’t know who he is. Olivia wants answers about her husband’s condition from TJ. Ava warns Nina.

GH Sneak Video: Ava Puts Herself in A Tight Spot
While Ava searches Sonny’s penthouse for sensitive information on the Pikeman deal, Austin tells her that it’s too risky –- and he might be right.

You can watch this week’s GH Sneak Video here.

General Hospital In-Depth Spoilers for the week of June 19, 2023:

Drew’s Legal Shocker
Drew has made the choice to plead guilty to save Carly and he’s at peace with that decision even if Carly isn’t. With Carly by his side Drew goes to court with his lawyer to enter his plea and receive his sentence. He is supposed to get 6 months in Spring Ridge, but the judge has other ideas and sentences him to 2 years in Pentonville! Drew tries to calm Carly down when she starts to lash out at the judge because he doesn’t want her in more trouble herself. She begs him to rescind his plea but Drew thinks it’s too late and accepts his fate.

Molly and TJ Get More News
Molly and TJ receive another blow when her ultrasound shows that she most likely will not be able to produce many viable eggs for them to pursue surrogacy. TJ tries to be supportive and talk about all of their other options if IVF surrogacy is off the table, but Molly wants to pump the brakes on the entire thing and process before deciding how to move forward. This leaves TJ wondering if Molly still wants to have a family with him.

General Hospital Daily Spoilers for the week of June 19, 2023:

Curtis and Trina connect. Austin cautions Laura. Jordan receives an intriguing opportunity. Nina must think fast.

Ava is the voice of reason. Drew confers with Sam. Liz offers counsel to Portia. TJ opens up to Alexis. Jordan receives a surprise visitor.

Jordan takes the high road. Curtis has some explaining to do. Sasha is taken by surprise. Cody summons Gladys. Sam is interrupted.

Tracy unleashes her fury. Drew is blindsided. Selina mediates a conflict. Michael is grateful. Alexis makes a suggestion.

Carly is outraged. Gregory and Tracy clash. Olivia is desperate for answers. Drew sticks to his guns. Lucy confides in Maxie.

General Hospital Casting News for the week of June 19, 2023:

Brenda Barberena as Pilar.
Christine Ferraro as Dr. Navarro

General Hospital Preview Week of June 26, 2023:

Laura encourages Anna.
Lucy defends Martin.
Carly gets more bad news.
Spencer’s temper flares.
Sasha is candid with Sonny.

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