Will Ned wake up? Find out in General Hospital spoilers and news for the week of June 12, 2023!

This week on General Hospital, as one family celebrates, another prays for a miracle! In this edition of General Hospital spoilers and news for the week of June 12, 2023, we preview what happens in Port Charles on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Promo & Sneak Peak:

Promo Recap: Ned Wakes Up
Curtis, Portia, Trina, Marshall, and Stella celebrate Curtis’s birthday and bond as a family. At the hospital Brook Lynn and Olivia anxiously await news on Ned. Cody comforts Leo. Nina is afraid that Ned will spill her secret when he wakes up and Sonny hopes Ned tells them what happened when he wakes up. Carly asks Drew if he has found anything. Ned opens his eyes!

GH Sneak Video: Olivia Prays for News
Olivia is praying for any news about her husband, Ned’s, condition. Brook Lynn arrives to support her and so does Carly.

You can watch this week’s GH Sneak Video here.

General Hospital In-Depth Spoilers:

Jordan’s There for Taggert
Jordan finds Taggert drunk and reeling from the paternity test results showing that he is not Trina’s biological father. He’s gone down a rabbit hole of all of his mistakes over almost 3 decades. Jordan gets him out of there so they can talk privately and Taggert unloads everything he is going through on her in a performance that garnered Real Andrews, who plays Taggert, a standing ovation from the crew when it was done!

Portia Cautions Trina About Spencer
Portia has a lot of issues with Trina’s relationship with Spencer and she decides to talk to her daughter about them at Curtis’s birthday party. Despite the issues between them, she feels that she can’t stand by and watch Trina make a big mistake without at least trying to get her to think about it first.

General Hospital Daily Spoilers:

Sonny and Nina are interrupted; Finn questions Tracy’s story; Austin cautions Ava; TJ assesses a patient; and Chase is caught off-guard.

Gladys is anxious; Jordan supports a friend in need; Drew updates Carly; and Curtis celebrates his birthday.

Spencer delivers a gift; Nina is a bundle of nerves; Sonny questions Gladys; Drew makes an offer; and Ava senses an opportunity.

Cody seeks Sam’s help; Olivia weighs an important decision; Sasha checks in on Willow; and The Quartermaines are left reeling.

Curtis and Trina connect; Austin cautions Laura; Jordan receives an intriguing opportunity; and Nina must think fast.

General Hospital Casting News:


Darin Toonder as Dr. Montague.

General Hospital Preview Week of June 19, 2023:

Ava is the voice of reason.
Sasha is taken by surprise.
Tracy unleashes her fury.
Lucy confides in Maxie.
Laura encourages Anna.

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Curtis and Trina General Hospital Spoilers and News June 12, 2023

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