Next week on General Hospital, Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) stops over to visit Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez), but she is baffled as to why he would require legal counsel once more so soon after being released from prison. He explains to her that he wants to hire her in order to get custody of Esme’s unborn child. Watch “General Hospital” on ABC and stream it on Hulu weekdays. Watch the sneak peek here.

10 responses to “General Hospital Preview: Spencer Wants Custody of Esme’s Baby”

  1. I’m rooting for Ally to come out of the other side they could run away to together and I would not care what all this is ridiculous Ally is the couple to root for do you see all that chemistry mark and Courtney have oh yes they have it and everything else that come along with it

  2. I think y&r HW JG needs to get on the ball there are alot of Ally fans out here and they are not giving up their couple not more he better knows what he’s doing better not destroy their relationship they have gotten more fans who love them

  3. Ally need to come out stronger on the other side of this door do not trust y&r HW JG writing I do not Ally need to have it all why bc they so belong together JG better not change one thing bc nothing need to be changed leave it how it is don’t change one single thing I would not

  4. I so hope he don’t pull a fast one of us that’s why I’m on edge bc I do not trust y&r HW JG writing for that show there is nothing need to be changed expect break Nick and Sally up that the only thing that needs to be change nothing else everything else is perfectly fine

  5. I really hoping things turn around for Ally bc I need them back we don’t want our couples to be taken forever seem like more ppl like them I hope they get back together real soon real soon I need them together why ask me why bc they belong together

  6. Y&r HW JG better do this Ally story right get it right JG don’t mess nothing up absolutely nothing come on now they don’t need to mess nothing up on this ally story if they were going to do that why put them back together this storyline need to be right nothing need to go wrong JG nothing you say you was going ti how things work on y&r and that’s them

  7. I telling you HW JG from y&r cannot mess Ally up they are very popular couple I love this couple to death I’m so obsessed with them this story needs to be right the right way their reunion should be worth it JG

  8. y&r HW JG better work it out work it out he got the wrong couples together the wrong couples they are the wrong couples we need the right couples together I hope the right couples soon I hope bc we need them

  9. Can Ally just get back together alright I’m tired of HW JG from y&r playing with us give us our Ally back give them back to us bring them back bring them back bring them back bring them back to us bring them home where they really belong their home is with each other

  10. Yes I said the same thing that I do not trust y&r HW JG writing he always messed everything up I just hope that man don’t scree up Ally relationship

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