Co-head Writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor shared with Soap Opera Digest what’s ahead this fall on the ABC daytime drama.

Coming up in Port Charles, Lucy continues to help Valentin and Anna in their scheme against Victor, Holly returns and shakes things up for Port Charles as Robert goes on a quest for answers, Nina becomes suspicious about someone very close to Sonny and Carly goes on a corporate retreat to recharge her career.

Liz is determined to get answers about her buried family secret while Finn wants to be a supportive partner for her. The police work to uncover the motives behind Ava’s attack as Esme’s disappearance continues to have consequences for the people of Port Charles. Trina is caught in the middle of her feelings for Spencer and her relationship with Rory. Laura returns and is called upon to do her heroic best when the time comes. Sam and Dante’s relationship is tested. Felicia encourages a scared Mac to get answers about Cody’s true paternity. Dex’s being in Sonny’s organization has unforeseen consequences for Sonny and Michael’s entire family. Willow struggles and continues to confide in TJ as their relationship grows. Dex and Josslyn grow closer, and Chase and Brook Lynn’s relationship encounter a few bumps. As a series of shocking crimes begin to occur in Port Charles, Alexis and Gregory’s professional relationship evolves. Terry and Yuri’s relationship continues to blossom, Sasha is faced with a very difficult decision, Austin continues to have tension with Maxie’s children, Portia and Jordan have a heated confrontation, Alexis and Kristina end up in conflict, Selina Wu continues to establish her presence in PC and Spinelli’s romantic endeavor may prove to have a greater application.

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