With Days of Our Lives moving from NBC to Peacock, one of its current longest-running cast members, Deidre Hall had a message for the fans. Hall who has been a part of the show for more than 40 years shared in a video message, “you can’t be a part of something that long and just call it a job.” She continued, “We’re a family. As our loyal viewer, I consider you to be part of that family.

The transition takes place on September 12 and she added, “Let’s make the transition together. We want you to come with us and continue our special journey. From all of the Hortons, the DiMeras, the Bradys, the Kiriakis, the Price-Carvers, the Hernandez, the Johnsons and most definitely the Evans-Black family, we love you and we’re so grateful for your ongoing support.

Watch the video below!

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