This week on Days of Our Lives, searching, shacking, solving, smacking!  Here’s a preview of what happens in Salem the week of May 1st,2023, on NBC’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of Our Lives Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Lady Whistleblower Smells a Story

Kayla tells Chad that Kate’s alive. Roman wants to find her. Kate yells for help and is about to cut a man’s finger off. Brady finds out about Chloe and Xander moving in together. Jada tells Rafe that Talia drugged the biscuits. Eric tells J he slept with Nicole and EJ punches him. Leo thinks there’s a story for him. Nicole is in pain and tells Gabi she needs to get to the hospital. At the hospital, Kayla tells Nicole that she has news!

Shawn Can’t Get Past His Guilt

Shawn is overwhelmed by the guilt he’s feeling about shooting his father. He can’t stop blaming himself for not making a different choice. Harris tries to get through to him to no avail and even Belle can’t help. He’s terrified that Bo may never come out of the coma or die and that it’s his fault that his parents weren’t able to properly reunite.

Kate’s Back!

After finding out that Bo didn’t shoot Kate and actually set her free, Roman, Steve Kayla, and Andrew try to figure out how she escaped the island and where she is now. We see her on a fishing boat in a throwback to when Kate first arrived on the show 27 years ago.

She begs a bad guy for a phone and offers him money after she gets home but he wants her diamond ring now. She hesitates but finally agrees. He gives her the phone, but she can’t get a call to go through. This doesn’t stop her because Kate’s determined to get home no matter what!

Daily Previews:

Roman, Steve, Kayla, and Andrew analyze Bo and Kate’s last encounter.
Harris urges Shawn not to blame himself for shooting Bo.
Kayla gives Chad and Stephanie shocking news.
Belle punches an insensitive EJ.
Kate returns.

Jada is unsettled by the discrepancies in Talia’s statement.
Chanel gets bad news about her bakery.
Brady learns Chloe and Xander are moving in together.
Alex tells Gwen they should stop seeing each other.

Alex receives an opportunity to prove himself to Maggie.
Chloe insists to Brady there is no chance for them to be together.
Talia makes her move on Chanel.
Jada can’t shake her suspicion that Talia has been going after Paulina and Chanel.

Nicole learns Eric and Sloan are back together.
Sloan unwittingly makes a major slip in front of EJ.
Jada confronts her sister with her suspicions.
Chanel informs Paulina that she and Talia are going on a date.

Gabi takes Nicole to the hospital when Nicole suddenly doubles over in pain.
In Greece, Steve protests when he learns he and Chad must work with Harris.
Kayla and Stephanie run into Alex, who offers a heartfelt apology.
EJ and Eric come to blows.

Casting News:


Ramon Fernandez as Mauricio.
Lauren Koslow as Kate Roberts.


Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady.
Peter Reckell as Bo Brady.

Preview Week of May 8th:

Kayla has news that surprises Nicole.
Talia is questioned again by Jada.
Tripp and Wendy share another kiss.
Eric gets an apology from Sloan.

2 thoughts on “Days Spoilers for the Week of May 1, 2023: Nicole Is What?!”
  1. Young and the restless lord I’m counting down the days when this madness end with Nick sally and Adam it’s just too much they destroy Nick character we all know they going to reunite Ally so what the point of ruining his character Adam and sally will get back together in the end so I really don’t understand where all this foolishness is coming from

  2. Adam needs to raise his own daughter not help from Nick or anyone else he deserves to raise his own daughter with sally I wish JG would get through his head they should be raising their baby girl together but no wants to keep this love triangle going that does nobody any good all 3 loos terrible especially Nick so out of place here its getting worse everytime I see it or them young and the restless

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