This week on Days of Our Lives, Jada and Rafe are heating up, and Nicole and Sloan go toe to toe over Eric! Here’s a preview of what happens in Salem the week of March 6th, 2023, on NBC’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of Our Lives Spoilers!

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Gabi says she has news. Leo promises the truth to Chad. Belle lectures Brady and Eric in jail. Wendy’s father confronts her for living with a boy. Maggie threatens to fire Alex. Jada asks Rafe if he is interested in her. Gabi and Stefan celebrate being back together with a kiss. Sloan kisses Eric in front of Nicole. Nicole calls her a tramp and stops Sloan when she tries to slap her.

Li Catches Gabi And Stefan

Gabi is surprised when Li makes her breakfast and lays out plans for a romantic day together. She is hesitant but finally agrees to spend the day with him, that is until Stefan calls. She lies and pretends that the call was from Arianna’s school and that she has to go. She leaves quickly and goes to meet Stefan. She tells him about the deal she made with Li, expecting him to want her to call it off but instead he wants her to stick to the deal and see what else they can take from Li. Stefan declares his love for her but Li arrives and tells her that according to the contract if she’s unfaithful she gets nothing. She leaves with Li but she’s unhappy about it and makes sure he knows it.

Sloan And Eric Reconnect

Eric and Brady are arrested for kidnapping Stefan for the reprogramming and Belle pays them a visit in lock up. She agrees to represent Brady only because she’s still mad at Eric for hitting Shawn and being with Sloan. Sloan is mad at Eric too but once she finds out Belle isn’t representing him, she agrees to do it to annoy Belle. After she gets him out of jail, they run into Nicole which gives Sloan a chance to ruffle even more feathers.

Daily Breakdowns:

Belle leaves Eric to fend for himself.
Sloan urges Melinda to throw the book at Eric.
Nicole and EJ turn the tables on Stefan.
Li tries to win back Gabi.

Stefan has a surprising reaction when Gabi reveals her deal with Li.
Johnny and Wendy catch on to EJ’s plan.
Sloan has an unexpected offer for Eric.
Rachel comes between Brady and Chloe.

Li interrupts Stefan’s romantic rendezvous with Gabi.
Sloan gets under Nicole’s skin.
Paulina hires Belle to defend her against Sloan.
Chanel gets to know Talia, who applies for a job at the bakery.

Alex and Maggie disagree over business matters.
Chad finds himself in hot water with Stephanie.
Paulina’s news puts Chanel in an awkward position with Talia.
Jada asks Rafe if he’s romantically interested in her.

EJ sets Stefan up for a fall.
Johnny pulls a fast one on Tripp.
Maggie firmly puts Alex in his place.
Gwen is heartbroken over Xander’s confession.

Casting News:

Aketra Sevillian as Talia Hunter

Matthew Ashford as Jack Deveraux
Cady McClain as Jennifer Deveraux

Preview Week of March 13th:
Maggie confides in Xander.
Belle and Sloan team up.
Johnny overhears a telling conversation.
EJ and Stefan clear the air.

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