This week on Days of Our Lives, Bo and Kayla reunite! John finds Doc and Steve finds Megan!! Will Li find Gabi with Stefan? All the feels! Here’s a preview of what happens in Salem the week of March 27th, 2023, on NBC’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of Our Lives Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Welcome To Greece!
Kayla hugs her brother and says it’s a miracle that he’s alive. Marlena fears she’s dreaming when John finds her. Ciara tells Hope that Bo would be rolling over in his grave if he could see her kissing Harris. Steve demands answers about Kayla from Megan. Bo takes Kayla to Victor’s house in Greece.

Will Stefan And Gabi Get Caught By Li?
EJ and Nicole put their plan into place by setting up a secret rendezvous for Gabi and Stefan so that Li can catch them in the act and invalidate Gabi’s claim on Li’s DiMera shares. They book a room at the inn for the twosome and Nicole gets Gabi away from Li while they are celebrating the success of her meeting with Saxons that Li set up for her. Stefan is suspicious as to why EJ and Nicole want to help them but is so eager to be alone with Gabi, will he put his suspicions aside for the chance of some alone time with his true love?

EJ brings Li to the inn and gives him a key card to the room Stefan and Gabi are in. Li wants to know but also doesn’t. He loves Gabi and thinks they could be happy but isn’t willing to overlook her cheating on him and breaking their deal just to keep her chained to him and lose her and his shares in the end. He’s hoping EJ’s wrong but can’t just give Gabi the benefit of the doubt when she’s made her feelings for Stefan and her intentions very clear. What will Li find when he opens that door?

Paulina Gets An Assist From Talia
Talia has a confession for Chanel after her first day at Sweet Bits, she lied on her application and has her medical degree and was in the top of her class. She explains to Chanel that her desire to be a doctor died with her father and that it was his dream for her and her wanting to please him that led her to pursue medicine in the first place. Baking in her true passion and what she really wants to do.

Paulina cuts their conversation short when she shows up to tell Chanel about the break-in at her office. She has a panic attack while talking to them and Talia tends to her medically, assuring her that she’s not in any danger of dying and calming her down. Paulina is thankful but also curious about why Talia is baking instead of practicing medicine…and when it comes to Paulina, her curiosity can be downright dangerous!

Daily Breakdowns:

John makes a shocking discovery.
Kayla is reunited with Bo! 
Steve captures Megan! 
Ciara is upset when she finds Hope and Harris together.

Nicole and EJ set up Stefan and Gabi.  
Paulina pressures Rafe and Jada to arrest Sloan. 
Talia admits to Chanel she wasn’t completely truthful with her. 
Sloan helps Eric explore a new career opportunity. 

EJ tips Li off about Gabi and Stefan’s rendezvous. 
Rafe and Jada haul Sloan down to the station for questioning.
Paulina suffers a panic attack.
Eric and Nicole get into a heated argument over Sloan.

Chloe braces herself when she learns Brady has read Leo’s latest column. 
Rachel shows up at Statesville to confront Kristen. 
Leo encourages Gwen to use Alex to make Xander jealous. 
Wendy and Tripp share a fraught moment. 

Marlena has an emotional reunion with Eric and Belle.
Steve informs Stephanie that Kayla is alive. 
Hope confronts Megan. 
Bo and Kayla arrive at Victor’s childhood home, where Bo reveals his plans to his sister.

Preview of the Week of April 3rd:

Andrew is Harris’s confidante.
Sloan is confronted by Paulina.
Leo gets a scoop from Chanel.
Chloe is pushed too far by Rachel.

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