This week on Days of Our Lives, Ciara and Ben are back! And Bo and Hope’s new story is just getting started! Here’s a preview of what happens in Salem the week of March 20th,2023, on NBC’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of Our Lives Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Who Was In The Tube?

Harris wants to help bring Megan to justice and undergoes a procedure that helps him remember his time with Megan. Hope wants to know who he saw in the cryogenic tube. Bo remembers his father as John and Steve close in on Megan’s location. Ben and Ciara are happy to be home and Kayla discovers that her brother’s alive!

Hope Visits Harris
Out of leads and determined to find Megan, Hope asks Andrew to get her in to see Harris Michaels who is being held at an ISA facility. He’s been aggressive and resisting deprogramming, so he’s being held in a secure room. Hope feels like she can get through to him and the agents reluctantly let her try. Hope talks to him and because he trusts her and wants to help take Megan down, he agrees to cooperate with the deprogramming. He is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Megan doesn’t hurt anyone ever again.

EJ Plots With Nicole
After finding out about the “fidelity clause” in Li and Gabi’s contract, EJ comes up with a plan and asks Nicole to help him execute it. The duo plot to make Gabi get caught being unfaithful to Li and therefore losing her chance at gaining his DiMera shares. EJ and Nicole convince Stefan that they want to help him and Gabi and they set up a hotel room for them to spend time together under a different name. EJ feels perfectly justified in plotting against the brother that drugged him.

Daily Breakdowns:

Megan orders Kate to be killed.
Marlena and Kayla grill Dr. Rolf.
Marlena tries to reach out to John.
Hope makes a discovery about Harris. 

Li tries to keep Stefan from Gabi.
Chanel and Paulina score a victory over Sloan.
Jada is confused by Talia’s career change.
EJ and Nicole manipulate Stefan.

Paulina receives an unpleasant surprise. 
Leo overhears Chloe badmouthing Rachel.
Xander and Alex come to blows over Gwen.
Brady plays dirty to get what he wants from Kristen.

Megan demands results from Rolf. 
Bo struggles to find his true self. 
Harris decides to undergo risky treatment to help Hope.
Abe gives Chad advice about moving on.

Ben and Ciara receive exciting news!
Rolf awakens Kayla to test out his newly finished serum.
Bo demands his freedom from Megan.
Steve and John get a lead on Megan’s location.

Casting News:


Ashley Lauren Need as Rose.
Steve Burton as Harris Michaels.

Linsey Godfrey as Sarah Horton.

Preview Week of March 27th:
Megan is cornered by Steve.
Eric gets an update from Roman.
It’s celebration time for Gabi and Li.
Channel gets a warning from Paulina.

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