This week on Days of Our Lives, Bo and Hope return! Here’s a preview of what happens in Salem the week of March 13th, 2023, on NBC’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of Our Lives Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Adventure Begins!

Kayla and Marlena find Bo’s empty cylinder and wonder who was in it. Megan is thrilled to see an awake Bo. Hope talks about Megan’s history and missing Bo. Megan has the orchid. Bo pounds on the door and demands to be let out. Steve and John come through a door with guns drawn. Bo see Marlena, Kayla and Kate in their tubes. Sean tells John he knows about the danger. Kate punches Megan. Bo has a knife. Hope pulls her gun. Bo is desperate to find Hope.

Days of Our Lives Sneak Peek: Steve and John Find An Old Friend

Steve and John run into Hope on their search for Megan Hathaway.

EJ And Stefan Showdown

After finding out that Stefan has drugged him again, EJ has had enough of this war with his brother. They sit down for a face-to-face meeting to get everything out in the open between them. They agree to a cease-fire but each of them privately plots to get the upper hand. Nicole is behind EJ 100% and the same for Gabi with Stefan. Will these two couples unite or destroy each other?

Gwen And Alex Kiss

Alex and Gwen meet up and drown their sorrows together over mutual heartbreaks and disappointments. One thing leads to another and they share a steamy kiss! Could they be right for each other or are they just lovin’ the one they’re with?

Daily Breakdowns:

EJ and Nicole’s plan backfires.
Gwen and Alex share their misery over drinks.
Wendy is angry with Johnny when Tripp reveals the stunt he pulled.
Li does his best to charm Gabi.

Leo returns home to a stunning sight.
Belle and Sloan team up to help Eric and Brady.
EJ and Nicole realize they need a new strategy to deal with Stefan.
Johnny confronts his Uncle Stefan.

EJ and Stefan lay all their cards out on the table.
Li makes slight inroads with Gabi by appealing to her ambition.
Johnny attempts to do the right thing.
Alex rips into Leo.

Roman extends an olive branch to Lucas.
Marlena and Kayla worry when they realize Kate is missing.
John visits Paul in San Francisco, while Steve seeks help from Andrew.
There’s a surprise guest at Megan’s hideaway…

Marlena and Kayla run into a familiar face as they try to escape.
Steve and John’s search leads them to an old friend — Hope!
Kate has a shocking encounter.
Andrew visits with Paul to speak about their relationship.

Casting News:


Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady
Peter Reckell as Bo Brady
Victoria Konefal as Ciara Brady
Robert Scott Wilson as Ben Weston
Christopher Sean as Paul Narita
Colton Little as Andrew Donovan

Preview Week of March 20th:

Hope makes a discovery about Harris. 
Chanel and Paulina score a victory over Sloan.

Xander and Alex come to blows over Gwen.

Abe gives Chad advice about moving on.

Ben and Ciara receive exciting news!

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