This week on Days of Our Lives, romance in Salem and intrigue in Greece!  Here’s a preview of what happens the week of April 3rd, 2023, on NBC’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of Our Lives Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Undercover and Under Covers!

Marlena’s in the tub kissing John, Wendy’s kissing Tripp, Stefan and Gabi finally have a chance to be alone, Hope and Harris are kissing undercover but where’s Bo? Pretending to be Shane Donovan, head of the ISA!

Bo’s Secret Plan For Kayla

Bo has taken his sister Kayla to his father Victor’s childhood home in Greece and he has a plan! He wants her to help him build his own empire by developing the fountain of youth serum from the orchid. To say Kayla is resistant to the idea on many levels would be an understatement. While Bo wants to push away all the things connected to his old life. Kayla is eager to get back to her family and friends. She steals Bo’s phone and when she can’t get in touch with Steve, she calls her daughter Stephanie. Stephanie is thrilled to hear from her mom, but their connection is bad, so all Stephanie understands is that someone has Kayla in Greece. Bo takes the phone from Kayla and disconnects the call but is the damage already done? Stephanie tells her father about the call, and you best believe Steve will be heading to Greece to find his Sweetness!

Eric Doubts Sloan

Eric defends Sloan when Paulina accuses her of leaving the threatening letter in her office, but he can’t help the tiny doubts in the back of his mind. Those doubts intensify when he sees scissors and cut-up magazines at Sloan’s place! He’s sticking by her but can’t but wonder if his faith is misplaced!

Daily Breakdowns:

Steve and Hope face off with Megan.
Harris shares his worry with Andrew.
Stephanie is stunned when she gets a call from Kayla.
Brady’s reunion with Marlena goes awry. 

Paulina confronts Sloan about a threatening note she found in her office.
Gwen is unhappy when Leo shares gossip about Xander and Chloe.
Chanel takes action against Sloan.
Chloe snaps when Rachel pushes her buttons. 

Stefan toys with Nicole and EJ.
Gabi and Stefan meet up for a secret rendezvous.
Talia pushes Jada to consider dating Rafe.
Paulina advises Tripp on his love life. 

Tripp makes his move with Wendy.
EJ gets the ammunition he needs to take down Gabi and Stefan.
Eric admits to Abe he’s starting to have doubts about Sloan.
Paulina and Sloan have another toxic run-in.

Andrew transfers custody of Megan to Shawn.
Sparks fly between Harris and Hope in Greece.
Kayla informs Bo she is unable to help him achieve his goal.
Alex promises Maggie he’s about to close a big deal for Titan.

Casting News:


Christopher Sean as Paul Narita

Preview Week of April 10th:

Kayla finds a clue from the past.

Hope and Harris take a trip down memory lane.

Gwen allows Alex to blow off steam about Maggie.

Sloan and Leo have a confrontation.