This week on Days of Our Lives, Bo and Hope reunite and Bo’s kids learn that he’s alive!  Here’s a preview of what happens in Salem the week of April 24th, 2023, on NBC’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of Our Lives Spoilers!

Promo Recap: After 40 Years Their Love Still Defies Gravity

Hope can’t believe it’s really Bo. Shawn and Ciara are surprised their father is alive. Shawn questions why Harris sent Hope to Bo by herself. Bo tells Hope that it’s the end of the line and then she breaks through to him!  

Bo and Hope Are Reunited!

Hope has no idea what she’s going to find when she goes to Victor’s childhood home, and she can’t believe it when she sees Bo! She doesn’t realize he’s been brainwashed at first but soon figures out that something’s wrong. She does her best to try to get through to him and just as she does, other people come into play and complicate things further!

Jada Has Doubts About Talia’s Story

Rafe and Jada are investigating the drugged biscuits case and question Talia and Chanel. Everyone thinks it’s Sloan or someone working on her behalf, but they need evidence to arrest her. While comparing notes with Rafe, Jada realizes that something doesn’t add up in her sister’s story. Talia said she was home at a time when Jada knows for sure she wasn’t because Jada was there, and her sister was nowhere in sight! Jada is more than a little suspicious that her sister knows more than she’s letting on.

Daily Previews:

Shawn is stunned to learn from Harris that Bo is alive.
Kayla, Stephanie, and Chad are confronted by a vengeful Thomas Banks.
Andrew reluctantly informs Marlena, John, and Roman that Bo killed Kate.
Hope and Bo finally come face-to-face.

Hope and Bo’s reunion comes to a shocking climax.
The Johnson family is reunited.
Leo grills Chanel and Johnny about their “engagement.”
Tripp and Wendy’s first date takes an unexpected turn.

Rafe and Jade question Talia and Chanel about the drugged biscuits.
Talia sneaks off for a secret meeting.
Melinda angrily rips into Sloan.
Gabi and Stefan square off against EJ and Nicole.

Jada’s concerned about the discrepancy she found in Talia’s story.
Talia’s motivation becomes clear.
Chloe and Xander decide to move in together.
Chanel tries to enlist Alex in her war against Sloan.

Hope encounters a remorseful Harris.
Ciara tries to comfort an upset Shawn.
Roman reunites with Steve and Kayla as he admits his reservations about seeing Bo.
Stephanie and Chad manage to indulge in a bit of romance.

Casting News:


Jasper Newman as Colin.

Preview Week of May 1st:

EJ gets an earful from Belle.
Rafe and Jada get an unwelcome surprise.
Chloe and Xander become roommates.
Chanel is comforted by Talia.

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  1. Young and the restless JG better not have Sally miscarrying what was the point of her being pregnant I hope she doesn’t have a miscarriage Sally need ti have this baby what the the point of her being pregnant just gif to have a miscarriage

  2. Sally ain’t going to have no miscarriage I mean what was the point of her being pregnant if they want Adam and Sally back together they could have done that without a baby the baby will strengthen their bond tighter

  3. Young and the restless if Headwriters JG does make Sally lose the baby he might as well say goodbye to all his fans this is Adam first daughter leave the baby alone they better not have her be pregnant only to have her lose lose to see Adam and his baby girl I’m will definitely be done be done with this show if that happens for good this time not coming back

  4. Young and the restless they better not put us through this pregnancy storyline only for Sally to lose the baby a lot of fans who is ally fans are invest in this storyline

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