This week on Days of Our Lives, they know Bo’s alive, and Hope is on a path to finding him! Eileen Davidson guest stars as Thomas Banks! Here’s a preview of what happens in Salem the week of April 17, 2023, on NBC’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of Our Lives Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Play Dirty or Come Clean?

Megan and Kristen plot in jail. Harris comes face to face with Bo, but will he tell Hope? Thomas Banks holds Chad and Stephanie at gunpoint. Chad fights him and a gunshot rings out! Andrew tells John and Marlena that Bo took Kayla. Hope’s at Victor’s childhood home!

Megan and Kristen Come Face to Face

Kristen and Megan meet in Statesville and get to know each other in a manner of speaking. Kristen realizes that Bo is alive and thinks that she can get Brady to let her see Rachel with that information. When he gets there Kristel tells him she will tell him what she knows in exchange for a visit with their daughter. He agrees to think about it but after he leaves Megan tries to convince her to stay silent and work with her on an escape plan. Kristen has a choice to make…Brady or Megan?

Bo and Harris Meet

While searching for Kayla, Harris stumbles upon Bo’s hideout and they come face to face. Bo denies having his sister and tells Harris that he doesn’t want Hope to know he’s alive. Harris cares about Hope and wants a relationship with her so he is conflicted about what to do. Will he tell Hope what he found?

Daily Breakdowns:

Steve and Kayla try to get through to Bo.
Stephanie and Chad arrive in Greece to look for Kayla.
Megan and Kristen do a bit of sisterly bonding in prison.
Hope receives intriguing information about the man who took Steve.

Xander and Chloe’s rematch leads to a trip to the hospital.
Kristen tries to use Megan’s secret to her advantage.
Harris wrestles with a huge dilemma.
Chad and Stephanie face down a menacing Thomas Banks.

As Jada investigates the tainted biscuits, Chanel is adamant Sloan is the guilty party.
Eric and Sloan get back on track.
Nicole keeps a secret from EJ.
Li has a big announcement for Gabi.

Sloan’s suggestion takes Eric by surprise.
Nicole confesses to Anna, while Tony advises EJ.
Stefan and Gabi officially reunite!
Wendy arrives in Seattle to see Tripp.

Chad and Stephanie come face-to-face with Kayla!
Hope is sent on a collision course with Bo.
Andrew confronts Megan over her lies.
Roman receives stunning information.

Casting News:


Eileen Davidson as Thomas Banks.

Preview Week of April 24th:

Johnny and Chanel are grilled by Leo.
Unexpected things happen on Wendy and Tripp’s date.
Sloan thinks someone’s trying to frame her.
Brady unburdens himself to Eric.

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  1. y&r hope not Adam and Sally belongs together I wish ppl will understand Nick is going lose in the end like I told you no matter how you slice it or cut it out Adam is going to win in the end sally is going back to Adam no doubt about that

  2. I hope not y&r HW JG better not ruin Adam and Sally we love their relationship if this man ruin Adam and Sally relationship that’s going and will piss a lot of ppl out best couple ever we had in a long time Sally and Nick as a couple ain’t exactly popular to the fans

  3. Young and the restless I have hopes that Ally will get back together bc for what I read things changes in may sweep for all three Nick Sally and Adam say something will change JG might as well cut his loss Nick/Sally ain’t popular as it though it would be so he need to just end this once and for all put us all out of us misery all at once or the same thing don’t make a difference just do it

  4. Young and the restless I can’t believe that HW JG isn’t a fan of Ally anymore somebody said that he called them soulmate is this the kind of writing you think is soulmates no he called them soulmates but he’s not writing them like they are soulmate the endgame whatever you want to called them he not acting like it like they are bc look at the writing for them this writing sure not acting the couple you think it’s soulmates the endgame

  5. Young and the restless if HW JG destroy Adam and Sally relationship for good he might as well say goodbye to most of his viewers see I don’t think he understand how so many people love this couple this pairing they fell in love with them and I did too recently there something about them fans can’t let go still love them still popular to viewers

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