This week on Days of Our Lives, Stefan and EJ both propose but will they both end up with fiancés? Also, Colin makes his move and people are in danger!  Here’s a preview of what happens in Salem the week of May 15th, 2023, on Peacock’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of Our Lives Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Sometimes You Know, Sometimes You Don’t. Sometimes You’ll Stop Them, Sometimes You Won’t.

Stefan proposes to Gabi and EJ proposes to Nicole. Mauricio is shot by Harris before he can shoot Steve. Steve tells Harris he had the situation under control and Harris replies that he could tell. Paulina is horrified when Colin tells her and Abe that Chanel pushed his mother off of a roof. He threatens them with a rolling pin. Jada tells Sloan that her psychotic brother is on the loose. Abe is unconscious in the bakery and Chanel finds Colin holding Paulina at gunpoint on the roof!

Dimitri and Harris Face Off

On the ship, Steve, Harris, and Chad have split up and each encounters their own danger. Harris overpowers his opponent and arrives just in time to help Steve with his. Chad has found Kate and Dimitri but doesn’t know that there is more to Dimitri’s plot than any of them know, he has another hostage! Chad offers to trade himself for Kate, but Dimitri has decided to just kill them both and move on. Harris and Steve show up and stop him but Dimitri is confident that he’ll get what he wants in the end due to the ace up his sleeve that they don’t know about yet.

Talia Wants to Call Off the Plan

Talia’s been having second thoughts about Colin’s plan for a while now but her love for him has overruled them. After Colin tells her about his talk with Sloan, she becomes even more reluctant to continue. Will her desire to help Colin come above everything she thinks is right or will she finally choose to do the right thing?

Daily Previews:

Stephanie tries to comfort Alex, who’s just been fired. 
Shawn is consumed with guilt over shooting Bo.
Chad, Steve, and Harris make a daring attempt to rescue Kate.
Roman receives a welcome surprise.

Kristen presses Megan about the plan to gain their freedom. 
A new DiMera is revealed.
Brady opens up to John and Marlena about Chloe. 
Xander shares a vulnerable moment with Chloe.

Eric becomes curious about Sloan’s brother.
Nicole discusses her pregnancy with Anna.
Rafe and Jada grow more suspicious of Colin. 
Talia tells Colin she wants to call off their plan.

Things heat up between Chanel and Talia. 
Sloan discovers Nicole’s secret!
Rafe and Jada have a startling realization about Colin.
Paulina and Abe find themselves in grave danger.

Colin takes a hostage.
Talia finally comes clean with Chanel.
Jada and Rafe question Sloan about Colin. 
Stefan asks Gabi to marry him!

Preview Week of May 22nd:

Abe is rushed to the hospital.
Sloan is questioned by Jada.
Gabi hears Johnny’s confession.
Paul pays a visit to John.

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