Our Days of Our Lives Weekly 10 for the week of May 7, 2023. Where we recap the week’s storylines, tell you about our picks for Days Performer and Line of the Week, share notable moments in Days history and YOU Caption This!

The Days 10 ~

1 ~ Kate is shocked to find out that her captor is Dimitri von Leuschner aka/corrupt ISA agent Kyle Graham.

2 ~ Gabi and Stefan access the performance review that Nicole wrote about Stefan and rewrite it so that it praises him. They submit that and Gabi’s critical review of EJ to the board and EJ gets told he has to take an anger management class.

3 ~ Nicole admits to Kayla that she doesn’t know who the father is, and they discuss the options for determining paternity. EJ tells Nicole that he knows she slept with Eric while drugged and he forgives her. Nicole lies to him about why she is at the hospital and tells him that Kayla thinks she is in pre-menopause. She later tells the same lie to Eric. Nicole confided in Anna about her pregnancy while EJ confided in Tony about her sleeping with Eric.

4 ~ Paulina got another threatening text. Jada and Sloan separately went to Colin’s room looking for answers. Jada promised Colin that she’ll be back, and Sloan told him that if anything else happens then she’s turning him in.

5 ~ Paulina interrupted Chanel and Talia on the way to the bedroom. After Talia left Paulina told Chanel about Jada and Rafe’s suspicions and they both agreed that Talia couldn’t have had anything to do with what’s been going on.

6 ~ Talia confessed the truth about her and Colin to Jada and Rafe…sort of…

7 ~ After Alex blew the big Titan deal with Yuri, Maggie fired him.

8 ~ Deidre Hall’s 5000th episode as Marlena Evans was celebrated with flashbacks and a lovely toast from John to Doc.

9 ~ Dimitri had Kate brought to him at gunpoint and invited her to dine with him. He let her shower and provided a gown for her to wear.

10 ~ Steve, Harris, and Chad worked together to try to find Kate. They got information that led them to Dimitri and his cargo ship and armed themselves before going after it. When they get onboard, they split up, Chad found Kate while Mauricio found Steve!

Line of the Week ~

Stefan (reading the performance review Nicole wrote about him): “He is completely unfamiliar with social media apps and pop culture references, which severely undermines his ability to understand new markets. For example, he has no idea who the singer Lizzo is.” Lizzo? Is it Lizzo?
Gabby: It’s Lizzo.
Stefan (continuing to read): “This is not unimportant. Influencers like her can dramatically impact a company’s profit margins.” Are you kidding me?
Gabby: Wait, you seriously don’t know who Lizzo is?
Stefan: I don’t, no.
Gabby: Ok, we’ll have to work on that but just keep reading.

Performer of the Week ~

Aketra Sevillian is our Performer of the Week for her portrayal of Talia Hunter. Talia is doing all the wrong things for what she thinks are the right reasons and even though she is hurting people with her actions you can’t help but feel for her and root for her to find a way out of the mess she’s in. We knew she was lying through her teeth about Colin when she was confronted by her sister this week but the way she broke down was heart-wrenching and made you wonder if it was really an act. That kind of performance doesn’t come along every day and Sevillian deserves applause for delivering it as beautifully as she did.

This Week in Days History ~

May 9, 2007 ~ Sami and Lucas finally got married!

May 10, 1999 ~ Sami was devastated when Lucas and Nicole got custody of Will.

Caption This!

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