Coming up next on Days of Our Lives, Roman (Josh Taylor) learns astonishing news. Of course, he is going to be stunned when he learns more about Salemites being back from the “dead”. When Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and Chad (Billy Flynn) finally meet Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), the mother she thought was dead, Stephanie will be in for a huge shock!

Megan (Miranda Wilson) is called out by Andrew (Colton Little) for all the lies she has told. This happens when he pays her a visit in prison. Meanwhile, it appears as though destiny has set up Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Bo (Peter Reckell) to collide…

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4 thoughts on “Days of Our Lives Spoilers for April 21, 2023: Stephanie and Chad Are In For A Major Shock!”
  1. Young and the restless I wish they would stop how long before Adam and Sally get back together they moving mighty slow I can’t understand why JG wants to keep Sally/Nick around that man have no idea how much people absolutely hate and depise this couple he don’t he look on social media hd would know how we don’t like Nick/Sally

  2. Young and the restless Adam belongs with Sally they are a good fit there something about Adam and Sally I just can’t shake how long before Adam and Sally back together how long is JG plan to drag this out and reunite how long do we fans have to wait Adam needs to be with Sally I wish that man stop drag it out he knows Adam and Sally very much belong together everybody knows it expect him I think he knows it but drag it out all I got say JG better make Ally reunion special of we have to here while they drag this out their reunion better be worth the wait

  3. Young and the restless Sally and Adam need to be together Adam and Sally just fit on they do they just fit together in my opinion

  4. Young and the restless the only couple I want is Ally Adam and Sally I don’t know why JG pretend and acting like Adam and Sally don’t belong together when he knows they do didn’t he called them soulmates or something like that

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