Can Bonnie keep a secret? Find out in this week’s Days of Our Lives Spoilers and News!

This week on Days of Our Lives, baby secrets galore! Some truths are coming out! In this edition of Days of Our Lives Spoilers and News, we preview what happens in Salem the week of May 29, 2023, on Peacock’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of Our Lives Promo:

Promo Recap: Baby Bombs Are Gonne Blow!
Bonnie finds Sarah with Rex and realizes she’s pregnant! Bonnie thinks the baby is Xander’s. Meanwhile, in Salem, Xander kisses Chloe! While Eric is sleeping Sloan takes out the swab. Eric demands to know what she is up to with Nicole. She admits that Nicole is pregnant. EJ wants to know if Nicole is carrying his baby. Kayla tells her that she has the test results.

Days of Our Lives In-Depth Spoilers:

Sarah’s Pregnancy is Discovered
Sarah’s pregnancy is exposed when Bonnie comes to visit Rex and her granddaughter. Bonnie instantly assumes that the baby is Xander’s but Rex claims that he is the father. Sarah panics because she was trying to get away from Salem and Xander. She still loves him but doesn’t think he is a good father material and could be a danger to their child. Can Sarah count on Bonnie to keep her secret?

Chloe Takes Xander Up on His Job Offer
Xander wants to hire Chloe to work at The Spectator but Gwen pushes back against it. She’s jealous but Xander calls her out because she’s with Alex, and he is just friends with Chloe. Gwen gives in and agrees to hire her, but Chloe gets another job offer at the same time from Brady! She tells him about the job at the paper and he gets into it with Xander. Later Xander and Chloe share a moment toasting her new job with The Spectator.

Days of Our Lives Daily Spoilers:

Nicole and Sloan cover when Eric finds them conspiring.
Anna fears Tony will reveal Nicole’s pregnancy secret.
Gabi and Stefan do their best to sway Megan to their side.
Leo asks Johnny for the scoop on his family drama.

Bonnie discovers a very pregnant Sarah at Rex’s.
Xander and Gwen clash over Chloe.
Brady asks Chloe to return to work for him at Basic Black.
Chad gets ticked off when he finds Alex and Stephanie together.
Justin confronts Maggie over her firing Alex from Titan.

Jada questions if Talia was a victim of emotional abuse.
Eric reveals to Sloan he knows she lied to him.
Between Eric and EJ, Anna asks Nicole which man she loves.
Abe mistakes his nurse for Paulina.

Leo offers Colin a chance to tell his side of the story.
Sloan blasts Rafe for allowing Colin to escape.
Abe goes missing from the hospital.
Eric confronts Nicole over her pregnancy.
Marlena confides in Kayla about Nicole keeping a secret.

Nicole decides to tell EJ the truth.
Eric speaks with Marlena about Nicole’s pregnancy.
Gabi and Stefan try to schmooze Megan and Kristen.
Harris informs Steve he’s in town to keep an eye on Megan.

Days of Our Lives Casting News:

Kim Coles as Nurse Whitley.
Linsey Godfrey as Sarah.
Kyle Lowder as Rex.

Days of Our Lives Preview Week of June 5, 2023:

Xander lends a shoulder to Chloe.
Leo is questioned by Jada.
Belle is on the receiving end of Shawn’s frustrations.
Tripp comes home.

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