Nicole Days of Our Lives Spoilers and News June 5, 2023

Who’s the Daddy? Find out in Days of Our Lives Spoilers and News for the week of June 5, 2023!

This week on Days of Our Lives, the paternity results are in, and will new connections interfere with someone’s plans? In this edition of Days of Our Lives Spoilers and News, we preview what happens in Salem the week of June 5th, 2023, on Peacock’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of Our Lives Promo:

Promo Recap: Baby News and Old School Soap Drama!
Chloe hates her attraction to Xander, but he encourages her to give in to her heart’s desire and they kiss. Tripp tells Wendy she is the only one he wants, and they kiss. EJ and Eric eagerly await the paternity results with Nicole. Abe watches a soap opera with some familiar faces!

Days of Our Lives In-Depth Spoilers:

The Father Revealed
The paternity results are in! Nicole, EJ, and Eric are waiting together for the results and finally, Kayla arrives with them. She gives Nicole the envelope but has to leave when she gets an emergency call. Both men are eager to find out which of them is the father and when Nicole opens the envelope and finds out Eric was negative, EJ is overjoyed. He dismisses Eric coldly but can’t ignore the look that Nicole and Eric share before he leaves. He knows their history and their connection and feels some insecurity about Nicole due to that. Nicole is still concerned about whether she’ll be able to carry the baby, but EJ tells her that everything will be fine. He takes her to Kayla to find out everything they need to do to ensure the best outcome for Nicole and their baby and tries to put her mind to rest. EJ is determined that the woman he loves, and their child are both going to be fine, no matter what it takes.

Dimitri and Gwen Connect
Dimitri will inherit millions of dollars if he gets married before his 40th birthday which is only a few months away. Megan is determined to make this happen and suggests that her son marry Kristen. Sure, she’s his aunt but not by blood so Megan feels it will be fine. Dimitri is not so sure and pushes back against his mother which is unusual for him. Gwen shows up and wants to interview him for The Spectator and Dimitri is immediately attracted to her and thinks she might be an alternative that his mother will accept so he agrees to the interview.

Days of Our Lives Daily Spoilers:

Eric, EJ and Nicole await the results of the paternity test.
Sloan gets an unwelcome visit from Jada.
Leo goes to Gwen, afraid Colin might be after him.
Megan wants Dimitri and Kristen to marry.
Chloe vents to Xander about Gwen.

Gwen and Kristen catch up.
Jada grills Leo about his encounter with Colin.
Talia apologizes to Rafe for her deception.
Shawn snaps at Belle.
Chloe slaps Xander.

Whitley tries to make Abe feel right at home.
Julie bolsters Paulina, who’s missing Abe.
Chanel is furious to learn Talia is out on bail.
Talia is horrified when Colin confronts her.
Rafe and Jada get a tip about Abe.
Tripp makes his intentions known to Wendy.

Chanel panics when she learns Paulina is missing.
Paulina confronts Colin, who claims to know where Abe is.
Whitley keeps Abe cut off from the outside world.
Jada and Sloan discuss their respective siblings’ legal woes.
Johnny explains to Wendy why he stood her up.

A confused Abe refuses to open the door to Rafe.
Whitley’s startled when she finds her new patient is Paulina.
Roman informs Kate he’s going to help Steve and John in the search for Abe.
Kate offers Harris a job.
Megan urges Dimitri to get ready for his “interview” with Gwen.
Gwen and Leo discuss their failed relationships and wishes.

Days of Our Lives Preview Week of June 12th, 2023:

Chad observes an anniversary.
Bonnie lets the cat out of the bag to Justin
Megan has a proposal for Li.
Maggie extends an opportunity to Xander.

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