Can Bonnie keep a secret? Find out in Days of Our Lives Spoilers and News for the week of June 12, 2023!

This week on Days of Our Lives, Sloan has a proposition for Eric, Alex sticks his foot in his mouth with Stephanie, and Bonnie needs to spill the beans! In this edition of Days of Our Lives Spoilers and News for the week of June 12, 2023, we preview what happens in Salem on Peacock’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of Our Lives Promo:

Promo Recap: Speak Your Mind but Be Ready to Bite Your Tongue Hard
Bonnie is desperate to tell the secret she’s keeping. Alex tells Stephanie she’s living in Abigail’s shadow while Chad touches his wedding ring. Eric tells Sloan that he wanted to be a father and she says he should have one with her. Abe and Whitley watch Body & Soul. Bonnie tells Justin that Sarah is pregnant with Xander’s baby.

Days of Our Lives In-Depth Spoilers:

Xander and Chloe Get Closer
Xander is flirting with Chloe at The Spectator office and trying to get another kiss from her when Maggie arrives. She’s there to offer Xander a job at Titan and he finds himself torn. Things didn’t end well the last time he worked there and he’s enjoying the job he has now and Chloe working there is even more incentive to stay. On the other hand, he loves Maggie and has a strong loyalty to her. He tells Maggie that he has to think about her offer. After she leaves Chloe asks if he wants to go back to Titan. Xander admits that some of his hesitation is because he wants to close the book on his relationship with Sarah and move on and going back to Titan seems like stepping back into that.

Chad Takes Off His Wedding Ring
Chad goes to Abigail’s grave on the first anniversary of her death. He is feeling guilty about moving on with Stephanie but when he tells Julie that she tells him that Abigail would want him to be happy. After Julie leaves Chad thinks about what she said and takes off his wedding right to take the next step in actually moving on from his late wife.

Days of Our Lives Daily Spoilers:

Gwen conducts her interview with Dimitri. Maggie interrupts Xander and Chloe to offer Xander a job. Bonnie blabs to Justin. On the one-year anniversary of Abigail’s death, Chad pays her gravesite a visit. Stephanie opens up to Alex about Chad.

Bonnie does her best to keep Sarah’s pregnancy a secret from Xander. Nicole shares news with Eric about her baby. EJ and Stefan spar as Gabi suggests they focus on a bigger threat. Megan tries to tempt Li.

Paulina asks Steve and John if they’ve had any luck finding Abe. Abe discovers something about his past. Stefan opts to spend an evening with Gabi. EJ confronts Megan after overhearing her deadly plans. Li manages to convince Wendy he’s moved on from Gabi.

Megan meets with Li to discuss their plot. Nicole, looking for EJ, goes to Stefan. EJ finds himself in a bad situation. Leo busts Gwen for being attracted to Dimitri. Harris takes Kate up on her offer to get rid of Megan.

Leo inserts himself between Gwen and Dimitri. Belle catches Shawn spiraling. Sloan encourages Eric to have a baby with her. EJ and Kristen discuss their options on how to deal with Megan. Harris prepares to abduct Megan.

Days of Our Lives Casting News:


Deidre Hall as Charlamagne.

Mary Beth Evans as Kassandra.

Days of Our Lives Preview Week of June 19, 2023:

Chanel and Talia talk about everything that happened.
Abe starts to doubt Whitley.
Megan is confronted by Leo.
Steve and Kayla make time for romance.

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