Today on Days of Our Lives, Jack tells questions Julie as they desperately search for Jennifer. EJ shoots Clyde as Clyde tries to strangle Chad. They both sit with Clyde and with for him to take his last breath. Rafe finds an injured Gwen laying on the ground and calls for an ambulance. Shawn and Belle rush to the cemetery to find EJ, Chad and Clyde.

Jennifer comes home and tells Jack and Julie about speaking to Abigail. Jack confronts Jennifer about her pill-popping. Gwen is rushed to the ER as Xander and Sarah are at the hospital. Chad tells Shawn all about Clyde’s reasons for killing Abigail including that Belle was his actual intended target. EJ and Belle come along and learns the full truth. EJ confesses to shooting Clyde to stop him from killing Chad.

Rafe calls Jack to tell him about Gwen being the victim of a hit-and-run. While alone with Julie, Jennifer questions Julie who tells her about Gwen’s accident. Jack rushes to the hospital and finds Shawn and Rafe talking. Rafe updates him about Gwen and then tells him about Clyde. Jack goes and confronts Clyde about killing his daughter. EJ makes a very emotional apology to Chad and Chad thanks him for coming to his rescue and saving his life. Xander talks with Gwen as she wakes up and Rafe comes in to question her. Clyde refuses to talk without his lawyer present and he badmouths Abigail. Julie confronts Jennifer about her addiction and she confesses. Jack rushes to see Gwen and questions her about what happened. Jack put the pieces together and realizes that Jennifer was the driver of the car that hit Gwen. Shawn questions Clyde about his intentions to kill his wife. Watch ‘Days’ exclusively on Peacock!

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