Today on Days of Our Lives, Jennifer continues to struggle to deal with Abigail’s death so she takes another pill and dries her tears before Jack comes in with the news that he saw Leo Stark and doesn’t believe he is the killer. Jennifer is upset saying that there have been too many suspects. Shawn calls Jack with an update about Clyde being the killer. As he hangs up the phone, Jack relays the news to Jennifer. Jack doesn’t want to leave Jennifer but he eventually does as she reminds him that Doug and Julie are upstairs. When he leaves, Abigail’s ghost appears to Jennifer who has so many questions for her.

Elsewhere, Gwen pays Leo a visit in jail and tells him that Clyde is the real guilty party. He doesn’t believe her at first but then he does. They exchange apologies before Gwen confides in him and asks him what to do about Jennifer taking pills. Nancy sobs as she comes to the gripping realization that she was about to marry a killer. Bonnie is there for her friend and comforts her. In the cemetery, Chad demands more answers from Clyde who tells him all about killing Abigail and using Leo’s hit list to frame him.

EJ, Shawn and Belle are on the hunt for Clyde and Chad. Belle pushes EJ to tell Shawn the whole story and he does. After looking at a surveillance video of Chad taking Clyde at gunpoint, Shawn takes off. Belle apologizes to EJ who rushes off alone for vengeance. Jack runs into Gwen at the Salem PD and she tells him about her visit with Leo and that Jennifer is taking pills. She also fills in him about the threat Jennifer made if she revealed her secret. Jack heads home and finds the pills but no Jennifer.

Jennifer gets in her car and sees Abigail’s ghost again. Gwen leaves Salem PD and gets in her car. Clyde and Chad battle. Clyde tries to strangle Chad but EJ shows up and shoots Clyde. Watch ‘Days’ exclusively on Peacock.

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