Today on Days of Our Lives, after Chad figures out that Clyde must have killed Abigail, he is out for blood. Chad pulls out a gun and goes after Clyde for answers. At the DiMera mansion, EJ asks Chad if there is any news on Leo to which he tells EJ that Leo is innocent and Clyde murdered his wife and he will make him pay. Chad leaves to go after Clyde.

Bonnie and Justin talk as they prepare for Nancy’s wedding. Sonny calls Justin and he heads off. Chloe tries to persuade Craig to help her stop her mother’s wedding but he refuses because he thinks Clyde has paid his debt to society. Chloe reminds him of all the reasons they should be wary of him.

Nancy and Clyde share a kiss before she rushes off to finish getting ready for the wedding. Belle comes along and he asks her how EJ is doing. He then informs her that he is getting married today to Nancy. Belle goes to see EJ and talks about stopping Nancy’s wedding to Clyde. EJ wants to make Clyde pay so he heads for the gun in the safe and realizes that it’s gone and Chad must have taken it to go kill Clyde.

Rafe and Jada realize that Clyde is guilty of murder as he doctored the video used for his alibi. Rafe sends Chad a message about Clyde being the killer as they race to find him. Nancy begs Bonnie to help her get ready for the wedding. As they finish, Justin shows up and tells them that Clyde is Sonny’s attacker. He also informs them that Clyde is Abigail’s killer but Nancy refuses to believe it and is upset with Justin for trying to ruin her wedding day. She tells Bonnie it’s probably best that she doesn’t come to the wedding and heads off.

Rafe and Jada come upon Brady, Chloe and Craig. Craig wonders if they are there to arrest him but they share the news about Clyde doctoring his alibi video and being Abby’s killer. Chloe is immediately worried for her mother.

Angry Chad holds Clyde at gunpoint and brings him to Abigail’s grave. He demands Clyde tells him why he slaughtered his wife. Clyde reveals that he wasn’t after Abigail, it was Belle that he meant to kill because EJ told her too much. Elsewhere, Nancy returns to Bonnie and tells her that it’s true that Clyde murdered Abigail and attacked Sonny. Watch ‘Days’ exclusively on Peacock.

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