Today, Jada goes to visit Eric on his first day of work at Basic Black but runs into Nicole. Their conversation leads Jada to think that Nicole doesn’t believe that she’s good enough for Eric who walks in just in time. Eric wants to know what’s going on as Jada explains that they both took up the wrong phones this morning. After their phone exchange, Jada kisses Eric on the cheek and leaves. Eric questions Nicole about the tension between her and Jada. Nicole tells Eric about lying to Rafe and encourages her not to do it again.

Brady informs Chloe that he signed the documents so he now has full custody of Rachel. Chloe uses the opportunity to tell Brady about her meeting with the judge that caused her to rule in his favor. Chad questions Nancy about Clyde’s whereabouts before rushing off to the hospital. Nancy pays Chloe and Brady a visit to tell them about her rushed wedding. At the station, Rafe questions Craig who insists that he is innocent and will provide evidence to support him. He goes to visit Chloe and is also invited to Nancy’s wedding with Clyde. When Nancy leaves to get dressed for her wedding, Chloe begs her dad to help her stop the wedding.

Will runs into Clyde and asks him what he’s doing at the hospital. After their talk, Clyde leaves and Chad rushes in and asks Will if he saw Clyde. Inside Sonny’s hospital room, Sonny tries to remember if he saw Clyde the night he was attacked as Chad believes he is the real attacker. Sonny remembers and now Chad is sure Clyde also murdered his wife despite having an alibi at the time he was previously arrested.

Jada runs over the surveillance footage of Clyde fishing the night Abigail died and realizes that the time stamp was messed with and Clyde doesn’t really have an alibi. At home, Chad pulls out a gun. Watch ‘Days’ exclusively on Peacock.

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