Today on Days of Our Lives, Jennifer is at home with her pills while looking at a photo of Abigail, Jack comes in and the doorbell rings, Jack leaves to answer the door and Jennifer uses that opportunity to hide the pills. Jack returns with Gwen as Jennifer thanks her for turning Leo in. Gwen shares Leo’s theory that Craig could be the killer but Jennifer is reluctant to believe there is any truth to that. As things progress, Jack agrees to walk Gwen out on his way to the paper. As soon as they leave, Jennifer grabs the pills but Gwen returns and finds her with it. Jennifer does her best to cover but Gwen recognizes the pills and offers to help Jennifer. Gwen aims to get Jack but Jennifer stops her telling her that if she reveals what she just found out she will make sure Jack never seees her again.

Clyde rushes the wedding telling Nancy that he wants to get married today and they could use it as an opportunity to stick it to Craig. Nancy however wants to get married when the time is right. Nancy eventually agrees to the rush wedding idea noting that she wants Chloe, Brady, and Craig there. As Clyde leaves to go do his drug test, Nancy decides to call Craig to share the news. Elsewhere, Chad updates Rafe on what Sonny remembered and his run-in with Craig. The two hash out the possibility of Craig being the killer. Meanwhile. Craig pays Leo a visit in prison. Leo accuses Craig of setting him up but Craig is adamant that he didn’t do it while Leo is determined to prove him as the real killer. Rafe takes the opportunity to question Craig about Abigail’s murder.

At the hospital, Alex pays his brother a visit. The two hash things out just as Stephanie comes to visit Sonny with some news. As Alex is leaving, he bumps into Clyde Weston. At the office, Alex invites Stephanie out to explain things but again she refuses. Chad runs into Nancy and tells her about his run-in with Craig and Clyde. Outside of Sonny’s hospital room, Clyde remembers walking toward Sonny with a knife. Watch ‘Days’ on weekdays exclusively on Peacock.

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