Today on Days of Our Lives, Steve pays Orpheus a visit and demands he tells him what he did to Kate, Kayla and Marlena. Steve draws a pen at him and basically threatens to kill if he doesn’t tell him what he did to Kayla.

Chloe pays Shawn a visit at the station asking him if he could testify on Brady’s behalf at the custody battle. He declines. Elsewhere, Kayla tells Stephanie on a call that she is okay. As she hangs up, Marlena shares that she also didn’t tell her children about her being ill. Marlena also shares that she is trying to keep distracted while the custody hearing is happening while Kayla worries about Steve’s visit with Orpheus. At the station, Steve aims for Orpheus as Shawn walks in, stops him and orders him to leave.

The custody hearing takes a turn when Kristen approaches John and brings up Marlena’s passed possessed sins and her absence at the hearing. The judge calls a recess. Belle and Brady worry about Marlena and head to the hospital with John as Kristen extends her sympathy. Steve returns to Kayla and tells her about his meeting with Orpheus just before she collapses.

Marlena gets the company of Brady, John and Belle. They talk about things before Belle gets a message and has to return to the hearing with Brady. Kate and Roman talk at the pub as Chloe comes along and asks Kate to help with the custody case telling the judge that Brady didn’t kill Philip. Kate agrees to think about it but she nor Roman had to tell the judge anything as the judge decided in Brady’s favor when Chloe privately showed her a video of Kristen attacking her. Watch ‘Days’ on weekdays exclusively on Peacock.

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