Today on Days of Our Lives, Chad and Jack talk about Leo possibly being Abigail’s killer before Chad leaves and Jack joins Jennifer for some family talk. Jennifer still struggles to get past Abigail’s death. Jack and Jennifer share some lovely family memories while enjoying their sundaes.

EJ and Stefan celebrate his being alive. EJ comes up with a plan encouraging Stefan to regain his shares now that he is alive so that they could team up and oust Gabi from DiMera Enterprises. Stefan is reluctant and shocked Chad walks in to see his brother alive. Stefan wants them to put the past behind them but Chad is not certain about it.

Gabi shares with Rafe that Stefan is alive and that she is also engaged to Li. Rafe wonders about what his sister will do now that she is technically still married to Stefan and still carries a torch for him. Gabi shares that she uncertain but she knows that she loves Li.

Gwen and Leo continue to talk. He tells her that he believes Craig is the one who killed Abigail and is framing him but Gwen doesn’t think Craig could be a killer. After giving her much reason to believe Craig could be guilty, Gwen sends Rafe a message suggesting he investigates Craig.

At the office, Stefan walks in on Gabi. He notices her wedding band as she also notices that he is still wearing his. Elsewhere, Nancy and Clyde inform Craig of their engagement. They talk about Leo, his “crimes”, his hitlist and who could be next. Nancy wants to tell Chloe about her engagement by herself so she leaves the two men to get acquainted. Craig uses this opportunity to confront Clyde about his past who assures him that he is a changed man. Chad comes upon the men as Clyde begs him for an apology in front of Craig. Meanwhile, Rafe comes to Gwen’s and arrests Leo. Gwen reveals that she texted Rafe to come to get the fugitive in her home. Watch ‘Days’ on weekdays exclusively on Peacock.

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