Today on Days of Our Lives, Nancy comes up Clyde on a mysterious phone call. He tells her that he was speaking with Ben. On the inside of the Pub, Nancy is worried Clyde is lying to her and tells him that they are over. He says that he hasn’t done anything wrong. Nancy asks him if he’s cheating on her with another woman or man and he promises he is not. He later gets down on one knee and proposes to her revealing that that’s the secret he shared with Ben. Nancy accepts and he kisses her. Just as he is making a promise, Craig walks in.

Gwen stares at photo of her and Xander as Leo desperately comes seeking her help. He begs her not to turn in over to the cops. Leo shares his theory with her that he is being set up and the two come up with the possibility culprits.

Chad and Will try to help Sonny remember what happened the night he was stabbed. Chad suggest Marlena hypnotize Sonny but Will advice that Marlena is not well. Will proceeds to bring Sonny back to that night who recalls someone coming in smelling like Vanilla.

Xander visits Jack seeking his help with Sarah after informing him about what took place. The conversation leads to Abigail’s murder as Xander shares that he thinks Leo is innocent. Chad later comes along to visit Jack and also shares that he thinks Leo is innocent as well.

Elsewhere, Sarah updates Maggie on why she is not on her honeymoon and why her marriage could be over. Maggie talks some sense into Sarah who goes home and makes it up with Xander.

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