This week on Days of Our Lives, pregnant Jada (Elia Cantu) is not too welcoming when Nicole (Arianne Zucker) pays her a visit. She also has a chat with Kate (Lauren Koslow) who fills her in on traditional Thanksgiving in Salem. Excited to be a father, Eric (Greg Vaughan) makes a big move. Plus, things heat up with the war between EJ (Dan Feuerreigel) and Ava (Tamara Braun). There will be a fatal ending to things as two women are left presumed dead. Watch the promo video below!

8 thoughts on “Days of Our Lives Preview: A Fatal Ending – Who Dies?”
  1. Young and the restless I’m really hoping they don’t do this Adam belongs with Sally I wish they would stop messing with fans minds and stuff confusing us stop that is not Necessary put Sally and Adam back together already

  2. Young and the restless I really would Adam back with Sally and their baby girl why is HW JG trying to deny us this they belong together most of the fans have said this they belong together and should be together period he totually blocking Adam and Sally

  3. People need to stop make up things up that is not true about the show it’s not true you want it be but it’s not true at all but just bc you want something doesn’t make it true

  4. Why do people make things up about the show this story is for Adam and Sally to find their way back to each other Ally is the love story here

    1. People need to stop acting Adam is terrible and not a great father he is a wonderful father ask Connor bet he would agree we all know Adam is a wonderful father so what’s this about can’t be that

  5. Young and the restless Adam is a good father why are they making to be a monster Adam is amazing father as well ask Connor

  6. Give us our couple back Sally/Nick ain’t even popular with the fans bc if they were there wouldn’t so negativity Adam and Sally just belong together they the perfect fit for one another reason always has always will from the moments she arrive at genora city it’s was Adam Adam was the first one she stood beside meanwhile everybody else was cold and cruel to her even golden boy Nick expect Adam no he have her a chance

  7. Sharon and Chelsea had hard than what Adam did to Sally he treated them way worser than how he treated Sally she should be grateful that she got it easy than what he did to both Sharon and Chelsea

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