Get ready, Salem lovers! Bo Brady and Hope Brady are back!

Look for the most anticipated Days of Our Lives return of the decade to take place on March 16th. Peter Reckell is reprising his role as Bo Brady. He was last seen on the spinoff series, Beyond Salem chapter two in July 2022 when it was revealed that Megan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson) was holding him and bringing him back to life. Just how will his character be ushered in on the mothership show is yet to be revealed. Meanwhile, fans can also gear up for the return of Kristian Alfonso as Hope Brady. She as well was last seen in Beyond Salem chapter two in the summer of 2022. Both characters will be back on the canvas on March 16th. Watch ‘Days’ exclusively on Peacock to see how the story unfolds.

5 responses to “Days of Our Lives’ Most Anticipated Return Happens In March!”

  1. Young and the restless no they need to end this triangle btw Nick sally and Adam this ain’t going to on forever with ally as the winner hope victor break Sally/Nick up

  2. Young and the restless I hope victor break Nick and Sally up here hoping victor comes through for us Sally belong with Adam Adam not Nick Adam Newman

  3. Yea well I hope this triangle don’t last too long I hope victor really break up Nick and Sally Adam and Sally should be raising their own child together not separate

  4. Young and the restless I just hope JG knows what the hell he doing don’t be messing Adam and Sally up again we love their relationship and we want to keep it thank you

  5. Young and the restless JG better not mess this up this is his one change of getting Adam and Sally back together again he better not ruin this for them and us fans want Adam and Sally they want ally so he better not mess this up I though JG was crazy about ally didn’t he called them soulmates at one point

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